Month: March 2020

5 reasons to unlock and activate the online course

5 Reasons Why You Need to Unlock and Activate the Online Course

People all around the world understood the power of education and started investing time and money in upgrading themselves. Although there are many top-notch educational institutions offering quality education to students from all corners of the world, e-learning is on the rise in recent years. The online course is becoming popular since it’s much more […]

Recover From Loss of Majority

Recover From Loss of Majority (Search Head Clustering Service Error)

 A captain can’t be elected if a Splunk cluster suffers the loss of most of its members, and cannot continue to perform wrongly. By reconfiguring the Splunk cluster, this can be worked around to use a static captain in place of dynamic captain.  A Splunk cluster generally utilizes dynamic captain that keeps shifting over time. The periodic elections choose the dynamic captain. In […]

How to Implement Kibana Index Creation and Mapping

Case 1: When the data is sent using logstash, an index name is given in the output section of the logstash.conf file. Whereas in the Kibana without creating an index pattern we can’t search.   In the Management tab in the Kibana, choose Index Patterns and it will get displayed.  Select Add New to display Configure an Index Pattern section.  Mention an index pattern that suits the name of any of the Elasticsearch indices. The Kibana guesses by […]

Mutate Filter

How to Configure Mutate Filter in ELK

Mutate filter permits one to execute mutations on fields. You can rename the fields, transform, clear, and alter them in the events.  The data mentioned below is in CSV file:  FName,LName,Age,Salary,EmailId,Gender Rahul, Kumar,35,30000,Rahul.kumar,m Raju, Sinha ,60,70000,raju.sinha,m Rita,kumari,46,90000,rita.kumari,f Let’s consider the above CSV file with a mutate filter and analyze its usage. The below-mentioned code block represents the advantage of the mutate filter.  As mentioned in the above example, the converting setting in […]

Splunk KV

Solving Splunk KV Store Errors

Splunk environment is strained by errors connected to the KV store. Along with such errors, several warnings associated with the KV store and Buckets arise. It affects our clustering and makes it unsteady.    Note: Here we are facing issues with our search head clusterThe snip below shows an error message:  Steps to Solve KV Store Error:   1. Firstly, to solve this we need […]

Exciting job opportunities and future prospects for ETL developers

Exciting Job Opportunities and Future Prospects for ETL Developers

With the advances in the IT infrastructure and increased number of cloud-native technologies, do you want to know the future prospects in ETL? Well, the answer to this question is neither simple nor complicated. In the ever-changing landscape of cloud-technology, reputed companies remain vigilant to make sure that their cloud strategies continue to be efficient. There are several […]

Microlearning is a powerful tool for employee onboarding

Microlearning is a Powerful Tool for Employee Onboarding

It’s not true that any kind of learning would make your employees engage in the training sessions as that of microlearning. Highly informative content, well-designed presentation and loads of motivation are not enough to make them focus on such educative sessions. So, let’s find out what magic microlearning does to engage everyone.  What is Microlearning?  It comprises of […]

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