Author: Mona Ajaney

Cybersecurity Jobs Outlook

Cybersecurity Jobs Outlook

Cybercrimes are growing in frequency and complexity making cybersecurity a global priority. Recent high-profile breaches at Yahoo, Marriott, Verizon, and Facebook have brought cybersecurity in the limelight and added to the high demand for cybersecurity experts. If you are new to the field or pursuing an education, you may be wondering what is the cybersecurity […]

Fundamentals of Hadoop

Fundamentals of Hadoop

Hadoop has revolutionized the management of large data sets also known as Big Data. As datasets grow in size, complexities escalate. Hadoop is designed to solve big data problems that relational databases such as SQL Server, My SQL and Oracle can’t. It is being used by several big tech giants such as Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, […]

Penetration Testing

Cybersecurity Penetration Testing

What is Penetration Testing? Penetration testing is a practice to test IT networks, software, systems, devices, and applications in order to uncover security gaps and vulnerabilities that could be exploited. Penetration testing is also referred to as Pen testing or ethical hacking and enables you to test your network against a real-world attack. Cybersecurity approach […]

What is cybersecurity

What is Cybersecurity?

We’ve all heard the term Cyber security. But many don’t even know what this term means. Don’t believe me? Just ask around and prepare to be surprised. This blog is an attempt to simplify the term and raise awareness of this phenomena that so many people are unaware of. So let’s get down to the […]

Best Cyber security practices in 2019

Best Cybersecurity Practices in 2019

As cybercrimes grow in numbers and sophistication, it has become essential for businesses to take a proactive approach to ensure security against cyber threats. Agile businesses are investing heavily in cybersecurity strategies to eliminate risks and keep sensitive data secure. No business is immune to cyber threat as it becomes the fastest rising crime in […]

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