AWS DevOps

Objective of the AWS Course:

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps course illustrates how to utilize the most common DevOps patterns to develop, deploy, and maintain applications on AWS. This course also prepares you for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer official exam.

AWS Modules Include:

  • Getting started with Amazon Cloud 
  • Identity Access Management (IAM) 
  • Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling 
  • Amazon EC2 
  • Elastic Beanstalk and Lambda 
  • Amazon Simple Storage Services S3 
  • Database Services 
  • Route53 
  • Amazon Application Services Overview 
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) & Direct Connect 
  • AWS Troubleshooting 
  • AWS Project 
  • Continuous Delivery and Process Automation 
  • Monitoring, Metrics, and Logging 
  • Security, Governance, and Validation 
  • High Availability and Elasticity 

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