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How Effective is Splunk Dashboard In The Time Of COVID-19?

When the entire world is fighting against the deadly novel coronavirus, the Splunk dashboard, an interactive COVID-19 platform comes for the rescue. We know that organizations are dependent on data for various business purposes. These data also assist in curbing the spread of novel coronavirus and improving treatment outcomes. It lets the government and healthcare administrators implement […]

Recover From Loss of Majority

Recover From Loss of Majority (Search Head Clustering Service Error)

 A captain can’t be elected if a Splunk cluster suffers the loss of most of its members, and cannot continue to perform wrongly. By reconfiguring the Splunk cluster, this can be worked around to use a static captain in place of dynamic captain.  A Splunk cluster generally utilizes dynamic captain that keeps shifting over time. The periodic elections choose the dynamic captain. In […]

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