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Recover From Loss of Majority

Recover From Loss of Majority (Search Head Clustering Service Error)

 A captain can’t be elected if a Splunk cluster suffers the loss of most of its members, and cannot continue to perform wrongly. By reconfiguring the Splunk cluster, this can be worked around to use a static captain in place of dynamic captain.  A Splunk cluster generally utilizes dynamic captain that keeps shifting over time. The periodic elections choose the dynamic captain. In […]

Exciting job opportunities and future prospects for ETL developers

Exciting Job Opportunities and Future Prospects for ETL Developers

With the advances in the IT infrastructure and increased number of cloud-native technologies, do you want to know the future prospects in ETL? Well, the answer to this question is neither simple nor complicated. In the ever-changing landscape of cloud-technology, reputed companies remain vigilant to make sure that their cloud strategies continue to be efficient. There are several […]

tips to choose the best managed security service provider

Tips to Choose the Best Managed Security Service Provider

With more and more organizations embracing the cloud computing services, the need to protect and manage the data and applications effectively is of utmost importance these days. The Managed Security Service Provider (MSSPs) provides security expertise and reduces the workload of in-house security staff. MSSPs perform services either in-house or remotely through the cloud and it offers […]

Salesforce Training - How it can accelerate your career

Salesforce Training – How it Can Accelerate Your Career?

Salesforce, also known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an innovative platform that enables companies of every size and industry to take advantage of powerful technologies that include – Social, Cloud, Internet, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile etc. to get closer to the customers.  As a global leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Salesforce is helping fortune 500 companies […]

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