Join Command

Join Command

 The Join command in Splunk helps to combine the sub search results with that of the main search. To do this, we need one or more common fields. You can also use the self-join command to combine a search result set to itself. The join command is also called a centralized streaming command when a pre-defined set of fields to join is available. Use this command when […]

Login Alert

User Login Alert

In this blog, We can Discuss how to generate User Login Alert when an unauthorized user attempts to log in The objective here is to generate a Login alert when an unauthorized user attempts to log in. So, an alert will be generated in Splunk when a user with wrong credentials attempts to log in to your windows PC. These alerts, in general, helps to […]

Why You Need Digital Skills Training in Your Organization?

Why You Need Digital Skills Training in Your Organization?

A major mistake every organization commits is that they deploy various new technologies but they lack in providing digital skills training to their employees. An organization needs to have a workforce with digital maturity to make complete use of the tools and software. Having sufficient in-house skilled talents aids in improving the business significantly. Hence, digitally up-skilling […]

Transaction Command

Transaction Command

A transaction type in general is a configured transaction which is saved as a separate field and applied in concurrence with the transaction command. A transaction is a cluster of conceptually-related events that covers time. It acts as a chain of events connected to a firewall intrusion incident.     An infinite number of data sources can create […]

Top 5 reasons for you to take a cybersecurity course

Top 5 Reasons For You To Take A Cybersecurity Course

In the past few years, a significant number of professionals opting for cybersecurity courses have increased greatly. This is because cybersecurity is creating huge job opportunities with a promising career. Regardless of the advantages it offers, there are still many who are confused about taking up a career in cybersecurity. The below information will help you figure out the perks […]

searching for candidates

Challenges faced by Companies while searching for Candidates

In this blog, we can discuss Challenges faced by Companies while searching for Candidates Hiring Process of Company and Constriction for Freshers:  Let’s Interpret this Model  Being a start-up company, there is a need to recruit freshers every year. We need to hire 6 candidates.  Skills Needed by Employers:-   Ø Should possess knowledge of the latest technologies.  Ø Should have at least basic […]

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