Splunk Enterprise Security (ES)

Splunk’s SIEM system, Enterprise Security is highly rated and very popular due to its analytical capabilities. It integrates with the company’s User Behavior Analytics (UBA) Machine Learning toolkit and Phantom Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR). Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) is a robust tool offering continual monitoring, threat detection and incident response in a SIEM platform. In addition, it also runs a SOC and executive view of compliance and business risks providing real-time data intelligence and analytics.

You need to have a mature Splunk environment in place before you can reap the benefits of the ES because it runs on top of Splunk Enterprise. There are also minimum hardware requirements and specifications that are needed to efficiently run ES. Since Splunk ES is an analytics-driven SIEM, it requires all onboarding data to be Splunk CIM compliant in order for it to run effectively.

Splunk Enterprise Security (ES)

Benefits of Splunk ES

Equipped to detect anomalies

With its machine-based learning, ES is equipped to detect anomalies including internal and external threats. It accumulates and centralizes all security events in real-time and provides ad hoc searching and reporting of security breaches.

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Installed in on-premise, cloud and hybrid IT infrastructures as well as in SaaS environments

Splunk claims that nearly every federal agency uses Splunk ES making it CC certified. It can be installed in on-premise, cloud and hybrid IT infrastructures as well as in SaaS environments. Splunk ES’s core centers around a selection of widgets and dashboards. It comes equipped with prebuilt dashboards for statistical analysis but the dashboards can be customized with a number of options to choose from. This enables users to personalize collection and visualization of data to suit their organization’s needs.

Comes with pre-packaged correlation searches

Another added benefit of Splunk ES is that it also comes with pre-packaged correlation searches that you can enable to run in the background to identify familiar threats including common attacks and vulnerabilities. Searches can be written to identify events in your data that represent possible threats. ES comes with several correlation searches that you can activate depending on your security environment. A correlation search results in the creation of Notable Events when a threat is detected. Notable events are then grouped by event type and tags and placed in the “notable” index in the Security Posture Dashboard and the Incident Review Dashboard. You can work through these dashboards to sort and analyze populated events.

Cyber Chasse’s Splunk engineers and consultants can help your organization with optimizing the benefits of Splunk ES. We can assist with successful deployment, to upgrades and scaling, dashboard customization and report creation. Our experts can conduct Splunk Health Checks and ensure you are making the most of ES’s features and getting the most value of your investment.

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