Splunk ITSI

What is Splunk ITSI?

Splunk ITSI (IT Service Intelligence) as the word suggests is a key Service insight and Event analytics tool. ITSI is most commonly thought of as an enhanced tool to monitor infrastructure components and it rightfully so is. However, it is also a beneficial service monitoring platform that allows you to monitor services that add value to a business and its daily operations. It is a powerful tool for regular monitoring of business processes and services that impact the smooth operation of daily workflow.

Splunk IT Service Intelligence empowers businesses to be proactive by monitoring what services and processes are vulnerable and capable of interrupting the business flow. It is a robust business process monitoring tool that gives you insights into services that are susceptible to breakdowns and interruptions.

Business ITSI

Our approach to successful ITSI implementation

At Cyber Chasse, successful implementation of ITSI starts with the alignment of the business strategy, goals and objectives. When tasked with the implementation of Splunk ITSI, we make sure to understand the needs of the business and where things may go wrong.

On the onset, our Splunk professionals analyze basic business operations and understand why we were brought in and to do exactly what. We determine the timeframe we have to work with and what services are critical to your business. This helps us prioritize what drives your business and what value each service has in order to accomplish goals and get results.

Identifying the main service dependencies

i.e. what services are critical, at risk and most expensive to recover and restore

Conduct a risk assessment

We conduct a risk assessment for your most demanding services to obtain a list of services worth monitoring.

Partner with service owners

to understand what challenges we may be subject to. This involves a thorough mapping of the systems that these services are delivered on.

Design a strategy

Our Next step is, We design a strategy to monitor KPIs of these systems.

Identify infrastructure components

we identify infrastructure components that support these applications.

Locate the data

we need to onboard to support the KPIs for the applications and their dependencies. Here we work on aspects of onboarding, parsing and extracting fields from data.

The main path to success is keeping in mind that we are monitoring service and not infrastructure alone. This keeps us focused on goals and deliverables. Our priority is to make sure we align with the issue your business is trying to solve.

Whether you are looking to replace an existing process or enhance it by making it more reliable, efficient or quicker, let Cyber Chasse make the process effortless. Let us help you leverage your Splunk investment to drive results that are most demanding to your success.

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