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Benefits of Splunk Professional Services are enormous and well-documented. From reducing IT troubleshooting times, to faster security incident detection and triage, and to quicker app development time-to-market, Splunk is a powerful operational intelligence tool bringing great value to businesses.

It is no surprise that businesses are utilizing Splunk to drive efficiencies and reduce costs. But are they really making full use of the functionalities available in Splunk? Well, probably not. Splunk is a specialized technology and requires specific skill sets in order to make the most of the capital investment. Not all companies are equipped with professionals that have mastered this tool. In house system administrators wear numerous hats and manage several tools leaving them with no time to master the Splunk environment effectively.

Besides the lack of in-house capabilities, businesses often end up with technology infrastructure that they don’t need. Contrary to that, they may also not source the necessary hardware needed to drive results. Managing data can be another issue if due diligence is not administered. Splunk is data intensive and the onboarding and repurposing of data needs expert management.

splunk proffesional service

Role of Cyber Chasse

Evaluate your business needs

Splunk professionals at Cyber Chasse will evaluate your business needs and determine the best use of resources. This will prevent small Splunk environments from being over-provisioned and larger environments from being under-provisioned.

Identify and eliminate data sources

Additionally, our professionals can help identify and eliminate data sources that are not adding value but exhausting your license. This can free up your license and result in huge cost savings. Furthermore, unnecessary data can be replaced with data that brings higher value to your business.

Experts in installation and configuration

Professionals at Cyber Chasse are experts in installation and configuration, helping you build a solid foundation from the get-go. Splunk Enterprise offers users several configuration options that customers may overlook during install. This may create problems down the road especially as your environment starts to grow. Mistakes done during installation can cause the system to slow down and produce incorrect results. When Splunk professionals are involved in the implementation process, building on the initial install becomes easier as you add to your environment.

Ensure you avoid downfalls, failures and make the most of your ROI

Splunk is a powerful operational intelligence tool and its benefits are enormous. However, having a professional human element is essential to utilize the maximum effectiveness of the tool. Partnering with a professional Splunk consulting service will ensure you avoid downfalls, failures and make the most of your ROI. There’s power in real-time, data-driven insights. Cyber Chasse can help you attain this insight with our expert Splunk professional services.

Experts in advanced Splunk features and functionalities

Besides initial set up and configuration, Cyber Chasse professionals are experts in advanced Splunk features and functionalities that in-house administrators may not be capitalizing on. Our professionals are skillful and bring a wealth of knowledge to improve operational efficiencies. They also serve as a helpful learning resource to your in-house talent.

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