Objective of the CyberArk Course:

The CyberArk course covers fundamental concepts of CyberArk such as client installation, user management, access control, safe design, and Fault Tolerance. Also included are mechanisms to protect against security threats in a cloud environment.

The CyberArk course includes

Module - 1   

  • Privileged Identity Management Overview   
  • CyberArk Overview   
  • CyberArk PIM Suite   
  • Basic architecture and functions of CyberArk PIM   
  • CyberArk Installation Pre-requisites   
  • CyberArk Port awareness   
  • EPV Installation   
  • Private-Ark Client Installation   

Module - 2   

  • CPM Installation   
  • PVWA Installation   
  • PSM Installation   
  • Active Directory Integration with CyberArk   
  • User and Group Creation   
  • Safe Management   

Module - 3   

  • Policy Creation   
  • Privileged Account Integration   
  • Safe Membership   
  • Privileged Account Connection   
  • Workflow Creation   
  • Overview of Cyber-Ark Reports   
  • Overview of Cyber-Ark Session Monitoring   
  • Troubleshooting of Some Known Issues   

Module - 4   

  • Overview of PSMP   
  • Overview of PSMP AD Bridging & OPM   
  • Installation of PSMP   
  • Installing Configuring PSMP AD bridging and OPM   
  • Command restriction   
  • SNMP Configuration   
  • syslog configuration   
  • Backup and Restoration  

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