Managed Amazon Web Services(AWS)

Cyber Chasse partner with Amazon web services to provide you with a dedicated Cloud Service Delivery Manager

Cyber Chasse offers AWS Managed Services to enterprises that are looking to seamlessly migrate to the public cloud and manage them thereafter. We enable you to automate cloud management tasks that include change requests, user access management, patch management, incident monitoring, and security and backup services. We partner with AWS to provide you with a dedicated Cloud Service Delivery Manager and provide exceptional support coverage moving forward.

Cyber Chasse will operate the AWS infrastructure on your behalf and give you the freedom to focus on other important business initiatives. We provide you with a quick transition to the cloud, audited controlled environment to ensure security and compliance of the cloud, a successful operating model and daily management of the infrastructure.

Your in-house IT team has access to these managed resources via access requests. Changes in access can be initiated by change requests. All access requests are through change management and neither party has complete access and control ensuring a full trail for tracking and heightened security.

Managed AWS

Managed AWS is offered across the following four service areas

Hyperscale Cloud

A distributed architecture that can quickly accommodate an increased or decreased demand of an organization without requiring additional physical space, power or cooling.

Off-Premise Backup

A tool that enables users on the platform to define their backup policies including the storage and deletion of data from various AWS services and their on-premises apps.

Serverless Compute

Is an architecture where codes are managed by AWS instead of the traditional method of developing applications and provisioning of servers.

Multi Cloud

Pairing the best AWS solution to your on-premise network to optimize results.

If you are looking to migrate a significant portion of your data to AWS, contact Cyber Chasse to assist you in making the assessment and defining the best possible solution to your IT framework. Our expertise will lead you to decide what applications are a good fit for AWS in order to achieve your desired architecture. We will provide unparalleled ongoing management and monitoring of your AWS Cloud enabling safety, agility, and innovation. We take the burden of administering the cloud away from you and oversee the security of your invaluable data with unrivaled professionalism.

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