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Microlearning Benefits- Explore a Radical Approach to Learning

Microlearning Benefits – Give Your Business an Added Edge 

Microlearning is an approach to training that uses small, focused training assets to help the learner accomplish a specific need. While conventional lessons may emphasize theory and a long-term curriculum, micro-lessons are directed on actionable skills and knowledge that can be applied quickly after the lesson is complete. Microlearning benefits are versatile. It is quite appealing in today’s busy corporate world, where time, ease of access, and precision of the information, is of great importance.   

Both formal and informal training can be done through a microlearning strategy, though its usage is more popular in informal training scenarios. In the majority of the cases, microlearning has a learner-centric approach as it provides need-based information in limited time. Knowledge retention gets easier and there is no overload of information.  

From a business point of view, the microlearning is appealing because it is fast and affordable. As the duration is short, microlearning costs less than traditional e-learning and can be created, deployed, and updated quickly. But, creating effective microlearning is not easy. To be effective, relevant, and digestible information must be provided in an engaging package that closes immediate gaps.   

Tips to Get You Started  

How to align my work to business priorities?  

Ask this question to your peers and managers. If they struggle to establish the connection between the training you offer and the requirements of the business, you have a clear reason to introduce modern learning into the conversation.  

Getting past the noise  

 It’s not just about shorter content—there are key principles that must accompany the content, including those referenced in our definition. You can help your peers and stakeholders’ whizz past this noise by sharing resources and engaging in discussions focused on proven principles, not marketing buzz.  

Close in on your audience  

Go into the operation and watch how people use their time. Note the tools and resources they use to do their jobs. Look for the right places and times to introduce learning opportunities. This information will be critical as you build your learning strategy.  

Apply a results-first approach  

Before you decide on what to build, be clear about the desired result. Then, work backward to identify the required behaviors and knowledge to achieve that result. Once you do this, work on building the right solution that can enable the knowledge, drive the behavior, and impact the business result.  

Explore the Multifacet of Microlearning   

Microlearning experiences can be personalized according to each learner’s preferences. By creating small chunks of content focused on a single learning objective, organizations can easily swap out content for individual learners or create new modules as the curriculum evolves. This is in absolute contrast to traditional training curricula, that are quite expensive to create and difficult to modify without overhauling the whole program.  

Apart from this, Microlearning can occur during short windows of time and on a wide variety of devices. In other words, no classroom required. Micro Learning benefits are unsurpassable, for example – a quick YouTube video can be made, which can tell you exactly what you need to know, without forcing you to sit through extra minutes of irrelevant material. Now, how cool is that?! 

In the best-case scenario, each microlearning module has its learning objective. Learners can learn what they need, exactly when they need it, and at the same time build their knowledge over time to gain mastery over the subject at hand.  

Bottom Line  

Microlearning is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather a great mode for formal instruction. Microlearning benefits may not be recognized for complex tasks in workplace learning, but its nature seems to be well aligned with learner-centered models such as personal learning plans and professional development interests. Finally, microlearning fits well if you carefully consider the tasks involved and their cognitive loads.  At Cyber Chasse Learning Academy, we offer training programs to help you get a head start on Microlearning. Take a quick peek into our offerings at Cyber Chasse

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