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Splunk Certifications – Give Your Resume That Extra Edge

Over the last decade, we have seen that there is substantial growth in the generation of machine log data, which is mainly because of the increase in demand for machines and usage of IoT devices. Analyzing this data is very important to us because the solution to many different problems are hidden in that data. It would help us in understanding customer behaviors and their requirements which will, in turn, be a critical aspect in providing a better service. However, analyzing all these data is not a simple task. And how do we do that? …Just learn and earn Splunk certifications! 

What’s the deal with Splunk Certifications? 

Splunk is a fantastic tool that can ultimately generate data-driven results that can benefit any organization. Splunk can be a total blessing, especially if you are in the IT Industry, and here are some high-level reasons why: 

  • Resources to learn Splunk are accessible to anyone 
  • User-friendly platform 
  • Streamlined and easy-to-read reporting 
  • Helps with any data file type when organizing data 
  • Real-time processing and troubleshooting 
  • Machine-generated data 

Five Splunk Certifications You Wouldn’t Want to Miss! 

Splunk Core Certified User 

This is an entry-level certification that enables users to search fields, look-ups, and create basic statistical reports and dashboards in the Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud Platforms. This certification demonstrates one’s ability to navigate and use the Splunk Software. 

Splunk Core Certified Power User 

A Splunk Core Certified Power User has a basic understanding of SPL searching and reporting commands create tags and event types, use macros, and normalize the data with the Common Information Model in the Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud Platforms. 

Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin 

A Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin manages numerous components of Splunk Enterprise daily, including getting data into Splunk, Indexers and search heads, license management, configuration, and monitoring. This moderate level certification is designed for Enterprise Administrators. It demonstrates an individual’s ability to support the administration of a Splunk Enterprise environment. 

Splunk Certified Developer 

It’s a certification for expertise in advanced behaviors and visualizations, planning, creating, and packaging apps, and REST endpoints. It is basically for building apps using the Splunk Web Framework. This certification showcases an individual’s expertise in advanced behaviors, drill downs, visualizations, planning, creating, and packaging apps, and REST endpoints. 

Splunk Certified Enterprise Security Admin 

This program deals with managing the Splunk Enterprise Security environment, ES event processing, and normalization, deployment requirements, technology add-ons, settings, risk analysis settings, threat intelligence and protocol intelligence configuration, and customizations. This certification illustrates the ability to install, configure, and manage a Splunk Enterprise Security deployment. 

Who Should Earn Splunk Certifications? 

  • Software Developers and System Administrators 
  • Search Analysts, Database Experts, and Administrators 
  • Anyone who has an abrupt knowledge on Data Analytics concepts 
  • Freshers who want to pursue their career in Splunk can take up this course as well. 

A Splunk certified user can use fields, make alerts, and create basic statistical reports and dashboards in either the Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud platforms. These Splunk certifications demonstrate an individual’s ability to navigate and use Splunk software. 

Bottom Line 

Many businesses are currently using Splunk for their business, cybersecurity task, customer understanding, prevent fraud, improve and service performance, and business optimization. Splunk is becoming worldwide in organizations like IBM, Salesforce, Facebook, HP, Adobe, etc. If you wish to take a certification in Splunk, you could check out Cyber Chasse Learning Academy, which brings to you the most revolutionary online technical training courses so you can stay ahead of the game. 

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