Big data is invincible in the success of an organization and has been a breakthrough in aiding fact-based decision making. It’s no doubt that most companies these days want to uncover the knowledge hidden in massive amounts of data and use it to their advantage. Analysis of data is an important operational intelligence tool and the process includes some or all steps mentioned below.

Big data is valuable to organizations and can assist in an organization’s strategic business decision making. It helps businesses examine trends, reduce costs, increase efficiencies, detect defects and fraud and take appropriate preventative measures.

Splunk Training

However, businesses these days are swamped with a large volume of structured and unstructured data. Dealing with machine-generated data can be tedious as well as complex due to the variety and variability in the information. Exponential growth in machine data made way for Splunk in 2003 to simplify and make sense of machine-generated log data. Splunk processes and extracts relevant data helping you to easily identify the information you need.

splunk infographic
splunk infographic

What is Splunk?

Splunk is a software that is used to inspect, monitor, analyze and visualize real-time machine data generated from websites, devices, and applications. Real-time data processing is Splunk’s biggest strengths. Other advantages of Splunk that gives it a competitive advantage include:
• Fast installation
• Processes any format of data such as csv, or json and other formats
• Uses simpler terms for search through Search Processing Language (SPL)
• Stores data directly in the Splunk file system eliminating the need for backend database storage
• Alerts/Event notifications can be configured
Splunk enterprise can be used as a cloud application making it highly scalable and dependable. Its widespread applications make it a popular technology that is increasingly being implemented by leading technology giants that aim to set a benchmark in machine learning.

Who should learn Splunk

Who Should Learn Splunk?

With its growing popularity and demand, having Splunk as a skill will give users a professional edge. Splunk training is best suited for Splunk users, customers, and partners who manage and administer the Splunk software. System Administrators, Analytics professionals and beginners looking to get into the field of analytics can benefit from Splunk training. Learning Splunk does not need a technical background, making it viable for candidates with diverse educational backgrounds.

How Will Splunk Help In Your Career Growth?

Splunk has become a front-runner among other big players in the technology industry making it a leader in machine learning. Without doubt, Splunk is here to stay and will only get more popular and sophisticated over time. Demand for Splunk skills are on the rise and updated training can give users a competitive edge in a tough job market. If you are looking to make a career in the field of data analytics, having this credential will arm you for a successful future.

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