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Deepfake technology

What is Deepfake technology and how to secure yourself

What is DeepFake technology?  Deepfake is a product of Artificial Intelligence technology; It has frequently been used to create and propagate fake video content and generate what is known as ‘fake news’. It was first noticed in 2017 when a Reddit user altered pornographic video content by placing celebrities faces onto them.  It is a combination of two clashing […]

Importance of Cybersecurity in 2019

Importance of Cybersecurity in 2019

With the onset of globalization and the increase in the number of devices that are interconnected these days, the importance of cybersecurity in 2019 has grown more than ever. In this technology era, access to information is on your fingertips. While this can be a good thing in today’s digitally connected world, it elevates the […]

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