Tips to Choose the Best Managed Security Service Provider

With more and more organizations embracing the cloud computing services, the need to protect and manage the data and applications effectively is of utmost importance these days. The Managed Security Service Provider (MSSPs) provides security expertise and reduces the workload of in-house security staff.

MSSPs perform services either in-house or remotely through the cloud and it offers a vast range of security services from setting up infrastructure through security management or incident response. Certain managed security service providers specialize in limited areas while others offer full outsourcing of an enterprise’s information security program.  

Choosing an MSP is an intricate decision for any organization as the chosen MSSP will be a long-term partner for the organization, working as an extension of the internal security team. This partnering offers great benefits such as improved threat intelligence, established all day long Security Operations Centers to validate and send alerts, cross-device correlation to improve security awareness and reduce risk.  

Though there are many companies that offer IT security services. Choosing the right Managed Security Service Provider for your organization is vital and here are few tips to choose the right MSSPs. 

Tips to choose the best Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) 

Most organizations have trouble coping up with today’s frequent blitz of cyber threats. So, many are seeking the help of managed security service providers to safeguard their networks cost-effectively and reliably but not all the MSSPs offer the same level of protection. The following tips would guide you in choosing the right MSSP for your organization.  

1.Understand your business needs 

Choose the provider who strives hard to understand your business needs and goals as a provider needs to learn your IT environment to properly shield it. Consider the services required by your company and evaluate each and every vendor’s strengths and choose the one who closely matches the organization’s requirement. Roles and responsibilities should be clearly spelled out for the MSSP as well as the client.

2. Reputed MSSP  

Relationship with the MSSP will last for many years, so make sure to choose a provider that will continue to grow financially. There are many companies that provide managed security services.  So, before outsourcing the IT security to a third party always get feedback from existing customers about the MSSP’s service and reliability. A good provider should have expertise in multiple areas of IT security.  

3. Technologically updated  

When tons of new malware threats are being released every day it is vital to choose a managed security service provider that has advanced technology to detect sophisticated threats such as threat intelligence, log management, vulnerability assessments, and behavior monitoring.  

4. Cost-efficient 

It’s advised to compare the pricing plans of managed security service providers based on the required service. Avoid making decisions based only on cost as it is crucial to think of the cost that would be involved in recovering from a security incident. Know the charges for each and every service and choose a provider who is willing to be flexible in providing a solution. 

5. Customer Service 

Customer service is a significant aspect of partnership with an MSSP. A service provider needs to be responsive and ready to respond to inquiries related to threats or related issues. Training the clients on how to detect a threat or on how to react when a threat is detected is also equally important and hence it is wise to select a managed security service provider who provides effective customer service, if not go for a third party that trains. 

6. Privacy and security laws 

Your MSSP must have the tool and technical know-how to assist you to comply with all privacy and security laws aside from helping you protect the business data. The managed security service provider must know what laws apply to each and every business and the provider also should explain the laws to the clients.  

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Final Note 

Choose a managed security service provider that suits your business and your requirements and also who fits your budget but most importantly choose a provider that gives prompt response when you have a query as having a responsive provider will help you run the business more efficiently without any fear of an upcoming breach.  

Hope this post would help you choose the right provider, so please share your thoughts by commenting below, I bet you’ll have something to say.