Cyber Chasse- Vulnerability Management

What is Vulnerability Management? Key Points to Know

Vulnerability management is the practice of identifying mitigating and repairing network vulnerabilities. There is a wide range of vulnerability management practices that help organizations improve security in application software and computer networks.  It can even help organizations prevent security breaches and data loss. 

The vulnerability can be defined as a bug/flaw in the code or a gap in the security procedures that can cause harm to the IT infrastructure. Vulnerability in a system describes specific loopholes an attacker uses to perform unauthorized actions within the system.  Vulnerability management practices include a set of instructions that need to be addressed continuously to prevent cyber attacks.  

How does vulnerability management work?

The primary objective of vulnerability management is to identify the vulnerability and remediate the identified vulnerabilities. They can be different forms of vulnerability testing.  These two approaches are applicable at different stages of the software development life cycle and are very effective in finding different types of vulnerabilities. 

1. Dynamic Application Security Testing

Dynamic Application Security Testing is one of the best practices executed on the application to identify security defects. 

2. Static Application Security Testing

Static Application Security Testing method is the best method to analyze the application source code to identify vulnerabilities.

3. Penetration testing

Penetration testing is an effective method of vulnerability assessment that entails goal-oriented security testing.  This approach emphasizes the adversarial approach and one or more specific objectives.

How to improve vulnerability management strategy?

Invest in penetration test services that help you identify the weaknesses in your network.  penetration testing is the first step of the software development life cycle.  Ignoring this test will limit the success of your vulnerability management efforts. 

Another best way to prioritize and access your business assets to identify deployed Technologies that might put your system at the risk. 

Organizations must conduct a vulnerability assessment periodically to verify the effectiveness of security initiatives applied during the software development life cycle (SDLC). 

Every time you get a new employee,  client customer or affiliate partner –  you are exposing your organization to cyber threats.  Protecting your organization from cyber attacks required a strong vulnerability management solution.

Bottom Line

Whether your organization uses third-party applications are developed on applications,  vulnerability assessment should be implemented periodically to ensure strong security initiative. 

The vulnerability management service must be employed with patch servicing,  as it helps you remediate the identified threats.  Most of the small and medium businesses can’t run patching services themselves due to their complexity. 

Partnering with a reliable cybersecurity solution provider like Cyberchasse will help you to protect your IT infrastructure from potential cyber-attacks.