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Cyber Chasse is a global leader in next-generation cybersecurity, protecting 19,000+ companies, 1,000+ government organizations, and millions of individuals in 6 continents. Our rapid progress in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, India, and the GCC countries within a short time is a testimony to the fact that we are the forerunners in top cybersecurity solutions that alter the way industries grow!

With an undying vision to protect the world from cybersecurity threats, we started our cybersecurity consulting operations in the USA in 2017. Our innovative solutions in niche technologies including cybersecurity, big data, AI & ML, and unparallel customer service empowered all the corporates and governments with whom we have partnered and within a short period, we became the best cybersecurity company in the USA, Canada, India, the UK, and Australia.


The rapid growth in our cybersecurity services in these countries stirred us to prepare for the big changes and we diversified our portfolio of technology consulting services in 2018 thereby catering to the snowballing demands. Our team of industry experts who have years of experience in the cybersecurity consulting sector furthered our service capability with their ground-breaking solutions in Managed Security, Splunk Services, Cloud Services, BDaaS, BaaS, DaaS, Apple Services, and Artificial Intelligence Services.

By 2019, we were able to satisfy the cybersecurity requirements of 8,000+ clients across the globe including corporates, government organizations, educational institutions, and citizens. This compelled us to push the technological innovation onto other sectors and in the same year, we ventured into staffing and eLearning sectors with a mission to bridge the global skills gap. Now, with 5+ years of expertise in IT consulting, staffing, and eLearning solutions, we are concentrated on leveraging our services across the GCC region, Europe, and Africa!

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The Vision


Our vision is to secure the world from cyber threats by being a responsible world leader in emerging technology solutions.

The Mission


We are on a mission to bring inspiration and innovation to all our clients by deploying pioneering cybersecurity solutions using cutting-edge technologies.









We protect the world from cyber threats!

Our vision to protect the world from cyberthreats is congealed by a team of incomparable technocrats who strive to propel the Artificial Intelligence revolution through state-of-the-art cybersecurity technologies.

Strong presence in 6 continents

Fast-growing cybersecurity company in the GCC region

Trusted by top IT companies in the USA, India, Canada, the UK, and Australia

Leading IT consultant in Africa and Europe

Top-notch Threat Intelligence Team

We have a group of skilled Threat Intelligence experts whose functions are bolstered by an expert Security Operations Center (SOC) team. Our SOC team offers a centralized hub for monitoring and incident response. We provide organizations with an extended team of threat analysts and researchers to help with the preventative, incident response, and strategic support functions of their security teams. 

Cyber Chasse- end to end support
Cyber Chasse- Team Work

World-class Cybersecurity Solutions for Corporates

We deliver a wide range of emerging technologies to corporates that are second to none in the industry. With an immaculate reputationwe continuously invest in our cybersecurity system to ensure the highest level of satisfaction throughout our global client base by serving them with world-class cybersecurity solutions! 

Customized IT Solutions for Government Organizations 

Our customized IT solutions for government organizations and educational institutions are tied to our extensive industry experience and unparalleled reputation as the best cybersecurity company in the USA, the GCC region, and various countries across the globe. Our collaborations with diverse organizations including the Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP), Govt of Kerala, India, and South University, Tampa, USA reinforce our commitment to innovate high-tech cybersecurity and IT solutions based on the specific requirements of each sector. 


 Intending to effectively employ AI-based cybersecurity solutions in all sectors, we deliver our services across sectors such as IT, Education, Banking, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Insurance, Hospitality, Food, Telecommunication, Aviation, Aerospace, Automobile, and Agriculture.  

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