Cyber Chasse Inc is pushing the global AI movement!


Cyber Chasse offers an end-to-end platform that transforms AI allowing every company, employee and individual with classy AI technologies and easy-to-use AI applications!

Transform your AI Vision into a Reality! 

Cyber Chasse utilizes the potential of AI to the maximum by integrating cutting-edge solutions. We strive to push the AI movement by helping everyone to benefit from our innovative AI solutions. Our AI experts let you experience the competence of AI by automating the most complex processes. We strive on improving the precision and speed thereby assisting you to achieve your goals peacefully. 


Anti-Money Laundering

For the financial services industry, money laundering is an enormous problem


Claims Fraud Detection

Traditional manual analysis does not scale across billions of claims

Customer Churn Prediction

AI is a great solution for customer churn prediction

medical testing (2)

Credit Risk Scoring

When lending money or supplying credit, banks and credit..

credit scoring

Customer Retention

To find solutions to client problems, AI can be used to find trends in support data.


Medical Testing

Waste in healthcare is prevalent and is estimated to be..

Supply Chain Optimization

To avoid stockouts and delays in output, supply chain managers


Lead Scoring

To assess a ranking, conventional lead scoring methodologies depend..

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We will help you in utilizing the limitless possibilities of NLP. You can enhance customer engagement by understanding customer feedback and emotions.

Business Intelligence

You can rely on our creative strategies to conduct customer analysis, forecasting, optimization and performance testing.

Machine Learning

We help you collect unstructured data and transform it into actionable information by leveraging machine learning.

Computer Vision

Our AI experts use Deep Learning-based Visual Search to develop solutions for differentiating objects and classifying images.

Chatbot Integration

To improve customer loyalty and retention, human-like chatbots are developed for personalized interactions.

Voice Assistants

You can improve brand awareness through voice search through our effective voice assistance and voice recognition systems.

Our expertise 

Our AI and automation solution features include Natural language processing (NLP), image and video analysis, Chatbots, Virtual Assistants, Personalized recommendations and App predictions. You can use these capabilities separately or as part of another processes. 



Food Tech


Finance & Banking

Logistics & Transportation

Retail & E-commerce


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