Secure devices and ensure compliance!


Prevent macOS malware and get complete protection from Mac-specific threats.

Endpoint Protection

As more users demand the Mac, Apple can only gain more popularity in the market. Security solutions today aren’t designed with the Mac in mind. They can adequately secure Windows computers, but lack the specific architecture of Mac capabilities.IT and Information Security teams will roll out a Mac initiative comfortably with the right tools in place, completely empower users with the services and access they need, all with the boxes checked for security and privacy. 

Our endpoint protection solution is developed to offer seamless security solutions to your organization.

Malware and threats 

Malware and threats

Endpoint protection system fits flawlessly into the security solution landscape of your enterprise and avoids macOS malware, defends against Mac-specific threats and tracks enforcement endpoints.

Incident response 


Investigate how an attack occurred, isolate the device, repair the infringement, and return the device to a trustworthy state. All of this is fast, simple and automated. 

More control 


Maintain antivirus, security settings, and audit log reporting compliance controls. In your log collection infrastructure, the protection solution gives you central control of macOS consolidated logs and tracks your security settings against benchmarks. 

Specialties of Endpoint Protection Solutions 


User experience

In order to reduce the usage of system resources, preserve the end-user experience and uphold their privacy preferences, the macOS infrastructure and its Endpoint Protection Framework is leveraged so that workers remain efficient and satisfied.

Stops breach

Ensures that the known malware does not get a foothold on your Mac by keeping devices safe. If your devices or users run unsafe apps are targeted by unknown attackers, the endpoint protection detect the unusual behaviors and help you stop the breach.


Our same-day support team will help you detect strange activities and assist you avert a breach when unknown threats target your devices or risky applications are downloaded. To help you stay productive and safe, we sustain your privacy expectations.

Apple OS Upgrades

Cyber Chasse gives you a competent management solution that is aligned with Apple and supports new operating systems. We leverage Apple’s security controls by ensuring that the company protocols are kept integral throughout the process of upgradation.

Powerful Management 2

Powerful management

Apple device management offers a powerful management solution that aligns directly with Apple and, from day one, embraces new operating systems.

Leverages Apple's security controls

Leverages Apple’s security controls


Organizational processes are kept intact in the update process with complex inventory resources, various implementation paths and the ability to leverage Apple’s security controls.

Comprehensive Service 2

Comprehensive service

Upgrade Mac, iPad, Apple TV devices and iPhone. Our Apple service track record speaks for itself when it comes to efficient same-day service!

Specialties of Apple OS Upgrade Solutions

End-user experience

The day that a new operating system becomes available, Apple users expect to be able to successfully upgrade their device(s). Same-day assistance guarantees that this expectation is fulfilled.

End-user productivity

New operating systems implement features that promote higher productivity and performance. You hinder users from taking advantage of helpful features without same-day assistance.

Lessen vulnerabilities

Old software is fundamentally less stable. Users can upgrade securely with same-day support and you can guarantee that due to out-of-date devices you do not fall victim to data breaches and system vulnerabilities.

Want to leverage Apple’s security controls?