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Mac Management solution 

You need to deploy, link, inventory, and protect this influx of devices as Mac continues to increase in popularity around the globe. Sure, there are several options for Mac management to choose from. But for complete lifecycle management, link, and state-of-the-art security, most lack the features. And only a small feature set for Mac management is available in Windows management solutions for Mac management. This keeps you from getting the best out of your devices and takes away the affection of staff, educators, and students from the user experience. 

Advanced management for IT


Our advanced management for IT is for you if your environment calls for enterprise-level functionality and features. 

Simplified Management


If the basics are what you need, start today with our simplified management to handle your Mac devices. 

Mobile Device Management


It has never been easier to deploy, inventory and protect the Mac with its intuitive web-based interface. 


Mac management for beginners


Irrespective of where you fall on the spectrum, we will help you develop and master your Mac management skills.

Specialties of Mac management solutions! 


Rapidly and reliably configure settings like Wi-Fi, VPN, email and other services on your computers.


Protect your personal information, enforce passcodes, and wipe/lock computers remotely.


Empower workers with your own app store and let them install apps without a support desk ticket, upgrade software and manage their own computer.

Patch management

Tackle security vulnerabilities automatically and guarantee that your users always get the new apps.

Native Mac management

Immediate support for macOS updates, enabling Apple deployment programs and security tools to be leveraged to enjoy a full Mac management ecosystem.

Apple TV Management

Apple TV has been widely used by enterprises for efficient business processes. Even though Apple TV is great for hotel rooms, lobby displays etc., manually setting up each of them take many hours. Cyber Chasse’s Apple TV Management solutions helps you in deploying the Apple TV within less time by leveraging zero-touch setup and support for Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager.


Centralized Management

We offer a leading ecosystem management solution that lets you empower your iPad, Mac, and Apple TV users by focusing on Apple. Discover how, much like the iPhone or iPad, companies and schools can set up and operate Apple TV.


Mobile Device Management


We offer a leading ecosystem management solution that lets you empower your iPad, Mac, and Apple TV users by focusing on Apple. Discover how, much like the iPhone or iPad, companies and schools can set up and operate Apple TV.

Enterprise App Support 1

Enterprise App Support


Organizations will deploy applications directly from the App Store. In addition, to offer a fully personalized experience, it’s easy to build and deploy custom in-house applications over the air. It’s time for your applications to get something out of it.

AirPlay Management


The days of being invited into a high-pressure meeting to troubleshoot display problems in progress are over.  Configure iOS devices with Apple TV devices so that you can connect to the services you need seamlessly.

Specialties of Apple TV Management Solutions 

Zero touch deployment

The simplest and most powerful way to deploy Apple TV is by far. Enroll and configure new devices automatically without needing IT hands-on assistance. Go from new-in-box to ready-to-use without manual setup or time-consuming imaging.

Support and services

We ensure you and your team have the know-how and resources you need to make your Apple device program a success, from our customized, on-site implementation to our tailored support model and services.

Data wiping

Mass deployment of Apple TV by hospitals, hospitals and other industries will ensure that personal data is wiped from a computer after each stay, or reboot an Apple TV remotely anywhere, at any time.


Inventory data is gathered from all controlled devices, including the name of the Apple TV system, making it easy to decide which ones need updates. Based on inventory requirements, you can create groups and then automatically activate device management tasks for particular Apple TV devices or groups.

iPad Classroom Management

Personalized learning has become popular with the introduction of iPad in classrooms. iPad classroom management requires new strategies to enhance the learning experience of students. Cyber Chasse make it hassle-free to integrate classroom management apps into your school’s environment. With our strategic classroom management solutions, you can create an optimal learning experience for the learners without any distractions. 

Customized App catalog


Provide students with access to the applications and content they need, while keeping the App Store disabled. 

Troubleshoot iPad tasks


Eliminate IT calls through the capability to troubleshoot iPad activities, such as resetting passwords. 

Unique Teaching Workflows 2

Unique Teaching workflows


In your lesson plans, build creative teaching workflows, such as instantly sharing the work of a student on an Apple TV. 

Specialties of iPad Classroom Management Solutions 

Personalized learning

Incorporate with educational applications, to provide students on their iPad with customized learning quests.

Monitor progress

Recognize which students need assistance and need your support with the ability to see where in an iPad lesson students are.

Student attention

Keep learners engaged in a lesson plan by launching them on their iPad into a particular app, webpage or e-book.

Want to tackle security vulnerabilities automatically with our Mac management solutions?