Advanced tracking of anomalies


Identity Access Management platform identify and block anomalous activities. It comprises of artificial intelligence, machine learning and risk-based authentication. IAM also ensures that passwords are changed frequently for better security.

Identity Access Management  – Information sharing

IMA provides an efficient platform for accessing information. It will help you impose policies that are related to user authentication, validation, and privileges. The platform makes it simple to provide access thereby promoting user satisfaction.

Identity Access Management Mitigating Insider Threats

A large number of breaches are caused by insiders. IMA restricts the damage caused by malicious insiders by ensuring that the users have access only to the systems with which they are working.

Productivity gains

IAM helps in improving the productivity of an organization. It automates and centralizes the IAM lifecycle by creating automated workflows for various instances like role changes or new hiring. This improves the processing time for access as well as limit errors.


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