Alleviate security risks!


You can alleviate security risks without affecting employee productivity.

EMM Solutions

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) focuses on managing wireless networks, mobile devices and mobile computing services in a business environment. We help you in integrating mobile technologies with your work objectives and thereby support the employees in using the devices in the workplace. You can alleviate security risks without affecting employee productivity.

Mobile Device Management


For the best user experience, deploy, provision, and configure systems. 

Mobile Application Management (MAM)


At the correct time, buy and distribute applications to the right user and device. 

Mobile content management (MCM)


Parallelly access to corporate content and protected corporate information. 

Specialties of our EMM solutions

Safe login process

Ensure a quick, easy and safe login process to encourage data security and user satisfaction.

Data protection

Personal data remains private, whether at home or at work, and corporate data remains secure.

Customer Empowerment

Users have the option to put in place their device and install packaged software, apps and content through a simple self-enrollment system and a familiar app catalog.

Apple Enterprise Management

We offer Apple Enterprise Management solution to help you automate the entire lifecycle of Apple in the organization. This will include the deployment of device, security and management. This can be done without affecting the end-user experience.

Inventory Management 1

Inventory Management


Collect consumer, hardware, software and security device details automatically or customize inventory requirements so that you will have a bird’s eye view of the devices. To cause acts such as operating system upgrades, exploit automated inventory data and dynamic Smart Groups. 

Device Management 1

Device Management 


You can use advanced workflows to automate Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV management through remote management and the use of configuration profiles, policies, smart targeting and scripts. 

Security Management 1

Security Management

Protect devices by exploiting native Apple security features, such as implementing macOS and iOS encryption and iOS passcodes, executing FileVault for macOS , limiting malicious malware, and patching all of your Apple devices without user intervention.

Specialties of Apple Enterprise Management Solutions


Extended visibility

You'll be the first to know when unusual activities occur with dashboards, real-time warnings, and detailed reporting on built-in Apple frameworks.

Threat prevention

Get on-device real-time notifications to analyze behavior to ensure privacy and speed. Also, choose whether to promptly block, isolate or remedy risks. Prevent recognized macOS malware, including certain risks and attacks specific to Apple's architecture.

Zero-touch deployment

Deploy devices, anywhere, to every employee. Integrate with Apple deployment programs to facilitate enrollment providing a flexible, zero-touch experience.

Enhance data security with our Enterprise Mobility Management solutions!