Deliver real-time and actionable insights


Our Splunk Services provide operation and cost management insights along with critical security across your cloud environment

Quickly detect and respond to internal/external threats using Big Data Analytics platform

Cyber Chasse helps your organization in get maximum benefits of Splunk security services. We offer full end support right from the successful deployment stage to upgrading, scaling, dashboard customizing, and report generating. Our professional team conducts Splunk health checks regularly to make sure your organization makes the most of Splunk and get a higher return on investment. 

Splunk Expertise Secuirty (ES)

Detect, Investigate and Respond to cyber-attacks

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Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)

Organizations can Predict and Prevent Problems

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Splunk Professional Services

Build strategic success plan for impactful results

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Security Information And Event Management (SIEM)

Supports security incident management and compliance

Cyber Chasse- ITSI Implementation
ITSI Implementation

At Cyber Chasse, the Splunk ITSI (IT Service Intelligence) team aligns the business goals, aim, and strategy for the successful implementation of ITSI. Our well-experienced professionals understand your business operations and your requirements initially to prioritize and provide valuable services within the stipulated timeframe.

Cyber Chasse- Security Monitoring
Operational Intelligence

Splunk’s professional services reduce IT troubleshooting times, detects the security incidence much faster, and increases the app development time-to-market which makes it a valuable operational intelligence tool. Our Splunk engineers have helped many organizations reduce costs and drive efficiencies.

Cyber Chasse- Splunk Security
Splunk Security

The advantage of Splunk’s professional services is the real-time processing of all types of data. It monitors, analyses, and detects the data which has valuable information. The Splunk experts at Cyber Chasse analyzes the threats involved during this stage and help you run your business smoothly.

Cyber Chasse- Security Mangement
Security Management

SIEM collates the event logs from various networks and devices to identify the major threats and issues easefully to report and analyze faster. It enables our Splunk security experts to analyze the datasets thoroughly to take an effective decision by retaining the data for a longer period.

Cyber Chasse- Splunk Installation
Splunk Installation

Our team installs and configures the Splunk software and help you build a firm foundation. Our professionals assist you to identify and eradicate data sources that do not add value, to replace it with data that adds a higher value to your business. This saves costs and prevents exhaustion of license.

Experts in advanced Splunk features and functionalities 

Cyber Chasse professionals are experts in building advanced Splunk features and functionalities that your in-house Splunk administrators may not be capitalizing on. Our Splunk experts are highly experienced and updated to offer improved operational efficiencies. They also serve as a helpful learning resource for your in-house talent. 



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