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Our premium Splunk enterprise solutions enable security teams to improve operations and IT security posture.

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Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) is a robust tool offering continual monitoring, threat detection and incident response in a SIEM platform. Besides, it also runs a SOC and executive view of compliance and business risks providing real-time data intelligence and analytics.

What Is Big data?

Big Data is produced by digital systems like – servers, computers, applications, security systems, network devices, embedded systems, mobile devices, IoT devices, etc. Machine data logs usually unstructured and are hard to understand. The data is usually produced in the form of a log file and holds great importance when combined with the enterprise data.

Operational security intelligence

Splunk Enterprise Security provides insights into machine-generated data from a wide range of security technologies and helps the security team to quickly detect and respond to internal/external cyber threats. Splunk Enterprise Security enables organizations to gain operational intelligence by converting big data into valuaable business data.

Cyber Chasse- Splunk Security

dedicated splunk experts

With the fast and reliable implementation of Splunk by our certified professionals, we can ensure that you get the best results most out of your Splunk investment. Our team can also train your team/staff for future implementation needs. Our offerings include –

Implementing Splunk ES program into your existing environment
Provide assistance to develop business case
Provide guidance for your Splunk ES architecture
Customizing the security analytics to your IT environment
Incident response through Splunk Enterprise Security

our expertise

We offer the most robust benefits of Splunk to take your Enterprise Security to the next level. Our team ensures that you get the best results from Splunk Security Enterprise Solutions. Being a core enterprise partner with Splunk, we ay Cyber Chasse provides security intelligence and analytics solutions around Splunk. With a team of Splunk Enterprise Security experts, we take care of all your big data needs.

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