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We help leading organizations predict and prevent cyberattacks with Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI).

Empower your IT operations with Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)

Cyber Chasse key services focus on providing Splunk ITSI services for its customers. We are experts in implementing Splunk on-premises and cloud with the best practices. Our team has vast experience in onboarding variety of data sources at cost-effective prices.

Cyber Chasse- ITSI Implementation

What Is Splunk It Service Intelligence (ITSI)?

Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) as the word suggests is a key Service insight and Event analytics tool. ITSI is most commonly thought of as an enhanced tool to monitor infrastructure components and it rightfully so is. It is a robust business process monitoring tool that gives you insights into services that are susceptible to breakdowns and interruptions.

Architecture Review

Cyber Chasse team can review your existing IT architecture and recommend different options to improve the investment in Splunk implementation. Splunk ITSI empowers your business to be proactive by monitoring the services that are vulnerable to cyberattacks. 

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ITSI Implementation

At Cyber Chasse, Successful Implementation Of ITSI Starts With The Alignment Of The Business Strategy, Goals And Objectives. When Tasked With The Implementation Of Splunk ITSI, We Make Sure To Understand The Needs Of The Business And Where Things May Go Wrong. Our Key Offerings Include –

Identifying the service dependencies that are expensive to recover and restore
Risk assessment of important services that are worth monitoring
Design a strategy that helps monitor the KPI of your systems
Identifying the main components of your IT infrastructure that support the applications
We understand the challenges through mapping of systems that deliver the IT services

Risk Assessment

Our Splunk professionals analyze basic business operations and understand why we were brought in and to do exactly what. We determine the timeframe we have to work with and what services are critical to your business. This helps us prioritize what drives your business and what value each service has in order to accomplish goals and get results.

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