DMC Migration

DMC Migration from One Server to Another

In this blog, We can learn about DMC Migration from One Server to Another. Distributed Monitoring Console (DMC) is leveraged to monitor the health of the Splunk environment. Currently, it is developed in a way that it examines the Splunk Enterprise and enables us to view the topology and performance information about Splunk deployment in detail. DMC was called a Distributed Management […]

CAP1188 SPI Arduino Communication

CAP1188 SPI Arduino Communication

The CAP1188 offers a large variety of button and proximity functionalities. It’s a turnkey capacitive touch controller, which also encompasses 8 LED drivers. These LED drivers provides full-on / off, dimness controls, variable rate blinking, and breathing. Every LED driver is connected with one of the sensor inputs to actuate when it detects a touch. Besides, each LED driver is individually controlled through a […]

Home Automation using ESP8266 and Telegram

Home Automation using ESP8266 and Telegram

In this post let’s learn how to use the smartphone Telegram app to perform home automation.  BOM:  NodeMCU  Relay  Jumper wire  Telegram  Hardware circuit:   Relay Module  NodeMCU  GND  GND  VCC  VCC  DIN  GPIO5 (D1)   Steps 1) Telegram bot library: The Telegram bot library is necessary to integrate with the Telegram application. 2) Telegram App Setup: Install telegram application on your smartphone and look for botfather. Create a new bot using botfather. From botfather, you will receive an API token, the authentication key to get connected with Telegram API.    After the successful installation of […]

classroom training vs online training-the good and the bad

Classroom Training Vs. Online Training – The Good and the Bad

Classroom Training Vs. Online, Which One’s Better?   Classroom Training or Online Training? –This is perhaps the biggest debate in today’s day and age. Online training is a novel and more convenient alternative to classroom training, which is becoming a more popular and preferred method, even more so post the pandemic! However, the age-old debate on the effectiveness of online training as compared to classroom training continues. Some individuals prefer real-time interaction with an instructor while others like the flexibility brought […]

Do you know why artificial intelligence is critical in 2020 and beyond

Do You Know Why Artificial Intelligence is Critical in 2020 And Beyond?

Artificial Intelligence rewards organizations in outcome-driven ways as it brought numerous achievements across the globe within the past few years. AI has certainly given rise to the situation of classifying between a human and a digital worker with its cutting-edge technology such as chatbots, robots, AI-led cybersecurity, intelligent emotion detection, etc.   Apparently, it revolutionizes every […]

Air Quality Check Using Asynchronous

Air Quality Check Using Asynchronous Web Server with MQ135 Gas Sensor and Esp8266NodeMCU

In this blog, We can learn about Air Quality Check Using Asynchronous Web Server with MQ135 Gas Sensor and Esp8266NodeMCU Air Quality Check Using Asynchronous Web Server with MQ135 Gas Sensor and Esp8266NodeMCU. The MQ135 gas sensor, which is a type of air quality sensor detects different varieties of gases such as NH3, alcohol, NOx, benzene, CO2, and smoke. This […]

Splunk Upgrade

Steps to Splunk Upgrade/Downgrade in Linux Instance

In this blog, we can understand Steps to Splunk Upgrade/Downgrade in Linux Instance. Splunk is one such technology tool that allows IT security teams to gain valuable insights while offering visibility and security intelligence throughout the organization. This platform helps in searching, analysing, and visualizing the raw data collected through multiple resources. It offers various versions with […]

5 tips to seamlessly integrate Splunk and Public cloud

5 Tips to Seamlessly Integrate Splunk and Public Cloud

Over the past few years, all the organizations regardless of the industry bombinate about the public cloud and Splunk. This is because the cloud-based applications are burgeoning due to increased adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud-based development. These services proliferate chiefly due to the huge volumes of data generated in every organization. […]

OTA Updates

OTA Updates (Arduino)

OTA updates (Over the Air) involves loading of firmware to ESP module with Wi-Fi connection instead of a serial port. This functionality turned out to be extremely useful in cases that have no physical access or limited access to the module.  Two separate partitions are created, one for the working firmware and another one for the new firmware. A new firmware gets downloaded in the new partition as soon as the OTA […]

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