AI in Marketing


For marketing departments and marketing technology companies, the secret to creating a sustainable company is to identify and cultivate valued customers. Leading businesses recognize that the secret to their success is tailored customer interactions and smooth operations. Companies that use AI widely reap the rewards of improved customer satisfaction and loyalty while enhancing initiatives that contribute to their bottom line.


With missed sales targets and demoralized sales teams and ruined teamwork, bad lead prioritization can have significant consequences for sales and marketing. Bad lead quality drives burnout and high turnover in sales positions, resulting in additional training costs and more sales workers on hand to produce the required pipeline. To assess a ranking, conventional lead scoring methodologies depend on interest from the prospect, but the individual’s interest level does not inherently provide an indicator of their willingness to buy.  


Using a wider range of variables, AI-based machine learning models can score marketing leads and learn from those leads that eventually became opportunities and those that produced revenue. Each lead can be analyzed and rated by looking at more details on consumer conduct, business size, market, etc., with sales representatives getting a graded list of leads for follow-up. For each lead, AI may also include reason codes so that sales understand the biggest variables that make the lead valuable. This optimized method ensures that the highest quality leads available are operated by sales, which drives a quicker ramp up from operating on stable leads, quota achievement, lower turnover and lower overall sales costs.


Why Cyber Chasse Inc? 

At Cyber Chasse Inc., the goal is to democratize AI for everyone so that more people can use the power of AI to address business and social problems across industries. Marketing use cases drive substantial use of Cyber Chasse solutions across industries to address key problems, including lead scoring, consumer segmentation, optimization of services and personalization of content. Marketing technology firms, trust Cyber Chasse Inc. to help them provide their customers with creative marketing solutions.  

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