Transformation of Unstructured data


Data transformation is the method of changing the structure, format or values of data. Big data as a Service (BDaaS) utilizes application software to query, report, data mining, and online analytical processing. This helps in the transformation of unstructured and raw data into fruitful information for Business Intelligence.

Predictive Analytics Skills

Given the enormous amount of unstructured data generated on a consistent basis, big data as a service is envisioned to free up organizational resources by utilizing the predictive analytics skills of a service provider. This helps in managing and assessing large data sets, rather than hiring in-house staff for those functions.

Reporting Feature

Reporting features help organizations stay on top. Even time-to-time data should be collected and presented in a well-organized manner. BDaaS helps decision makers take timely decisions and manage critical situations properly. BDaaS helps organizations in availing customizable and target data set oriented reports.

“What if” analysis

Organizations benefit extensively through “What if” analysis. It helps companies in assessing the potential effects of crucial business decisions before they are finalized. BDaaS supports companies in formulating strategies to achieve targets in an efficient manner. As such, organizations are able to perform precise strategic planning.


Our Expertise

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