AI in Manufacturing


Manufacturers face immense pressure to reduce costs while continuing to offer goods and services of high quality. To streamline processes, leading manufacturers are taking a constructive approach. Companies that make extensive use of AI reap the advantages of increased performance, reduced downtime and improved customer satisfaction. These businesses use AI for a variety of scenarios, such as predictive maintenance, design of predictive systems etc.


Based on historical evidence, the conventional approach to supply chain management aims to predict potential demand for services. To avoid stockouts and delays in output, supply chain managers then add a safety inventory to these amounts. Depending on the difference in demands for the commodity, these protection levels can be anything from weeks of additional supply to twice regular demand. 


AI-based optimization of the supply chain can use a number of variables to predict optimal resource needs at each point of development, including historical data, environmental data and recent trends.In the current usage of resources, AI models can also be used to find anomalous activity and classify areas for further review by supply chain managers. AI models can assess appropriate inventory levels in retail scenarios and make tradeoffs between the level of inventory and expected sales.


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