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High Reliability

All the peers of the blockchain network reach a common agreement about the current state of the distributed ledger. In this way, consensus mechanism attain reliability in the Blockchain network and create trust between unknown peers in a distributed computing environment.

Real-time mechanism

The status of blockchain is dynamically changing. Publicly shared ledgers require fair, rel-time, reliable and functional mechanism to ensure that all transactions are genuine and all participants reach at a consensus on the ledger status. Consensus mechanism helps to perform this important task.

Efficient memory space sharing

Some consensus mechanisms enable sharing of memory space of the contributing nodes on the blockchain network. As the memory of a node increases, the node will get more rights to efficiently maintain a public ledger.


Secure management

BaaS enables secure management of digital identities by providing interoperable, unified and tamper-proof infrastructure. Users, enterprises and IoT management systems are greatly benefitted by this functionality.

Our Expertise

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