AI in Healthcare


With vast amounts of data and growing challenges in cost and patient outcomes, the healthcare industry is changing rapidly. In terms of patient treatment, early adopters of AI in the healthcare space are reaping the benefits and contributing to their bottom-line results, and everyone is taking notice. For a variety of cases, such as monitoring claims, detecting fraud, optimizing clinical workflows, and predicting hospital-acquired infections, organizations use AI.


Waste in healthcare is prevalent and is estimated to be around a fourth of all the money spent on healthcare each year, a record $765 billion annually, according to the National Academy of Medicine. Unneeded testing or repetitive experiments that are seldom used are one of the main areas of waste. For an individual patient, the number of tests will add up and result in essential costs that do not relate to the quality of treatment or positive patient results. 


By restricting the types of tests that are likely to be effective for a patient, AI-based solutions may be used to help clinicians make better decisions. Together with data from pharmaceutical firms, AI models can be generated using volumes of patient information from healthcare systems to predict possible test outcomes for a given patient. This model is then deployed into an AI-driven framework that can provide indications on which tests, based on the medical background of the patient and current symptoms, are likely to yield conclusive or useful results. The clinician will follow procedures for the best results with this information and limit the amount of tests, which saves the patient time and decreases costs.

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