Leading Service-oriented Architecture


BDaaS allows you to outsource your data mining, management, and storage initiatives to another service provider better matched to handle them on a daily basis. Being a service-oriented architecture, BDaaS comprises Big Data storage architecture, different data processing modules, and analytical tools. Moreover, it provides choices for targeted usage of the diverse technological layers, depending on precise needs.

High Reliability

All the peers of the blockchain network reach a common agreement about the current state of the distributed ledger. In this way, consensus mechanism attain reliability in the Blockchain network and create trust between unknown peers in a distributed computing environment.

Lessens the user’s cost

BDaaS greatly reduces upfront expenses and keeps ongoing costs controllable. The BDaaS notion intends to remove the hassle of managing a big data infrastructure. Cyber Chasse’s analysis process of BDaaS helps lessen the user’s cost from employing additional resources like programming experts and data scientists.

What is BDaaS Service oriented architecture?

BDaaS technology delivers an extremely functional architecture which contains big data storage infrastructure, data processing modules and diverse analytical tools. The main purpose of this is to decrease customer’s expenditures on employment of experts. The Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) of BDaaS leverages all the above-described services individually as well as integrates them into a whole – which permits an all-inclusive approach to precise business requirements.


Superior Quality

BDaaS Service-oriented architecture offers superior quality.A large number of organizations rely on BDaaS for managing their data in the cloud in an efficient manner. The majority of data is controlled by BDaaS provider. As such, there is enhanced level of control over data quality and added layer of security.

Our Expertise

We offer the most robust benefits of BDaaS to take your cost management to the next level. Our team ensures that you get the best results from BDaaS. With a team of BDaaS experts, we take care of all your security and data management needs! 

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