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Data Warehouse as a Service (DWaaS) is an outsourcing model that allows a service provider to configure and manage the software and hardware resources required by a data warehouse.

Our data warehouse services integrate Data Warehouse Configuration, Data Migration, Data Cleaning, Data Warehouse Integration and Administration & Support.

Address data management Challenges

Data is crucial to how modern companies operate, from providing actionable analytics and insights to driving digitally transformed organizational processes. With Data Warehouse-as-a-Service (DWaaS) you can address the data management challenges of your organization in an efficient manner.  

Data Warehouse Configuration

Customized data warehouse solutions

Data Warehouse Configuration

Data Migration

Process the available data fastly

Data Migration 3

Data Cleaning

Completely cleans and tests the data

Data Cleaning 1
Data Cleaning 2
Data Cleaning 3
Data Warehouse Integration

Data Warehouse Integration

Integrates the solutions with available analytical solutions

Enhanced security

Enhanced security is one of the major benefits of DWaaS. It helps in lessening the security risks. Security patches are easier to install in a DWaaS environment because all of the devices can be updated instantaneously from a remote location.

Enhanced business intelligence

Using modern tools, DWaaS helps in the analytics of your data. Advanced AI and ML provides you with actionable reporting and other information. This feature supports organizations in scaling their businesses forward.

Increased productivity

Data cleaning helps in availing the highest quality information to the stakeholders. This allows users in better decision making. As such, the productivity levels are increased benefitting businesses and customers.

Administration and Support

Cyber Chasse lets you benefit from ongoing support and administration services. You will be assured with high warehouse performance, high-quality data and new data source integration. These benefits make DWaaS a good choice for your organization.

Dedicated experts

Cyber Chasse professionals are experts in advanced DWaaS solutions. Our DWaaS experts are highly experienced and updated to offer improved operational efficiencies. They also serve as a helpful learning resource for your in-house talent. With the fast and unswerving service of Datawarehouse, by our certified professionals, we can ensure that you get the best results out of your investment! 






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