Cyber Chasse Inc. announces expansion in Canada

Cyber Chasse Inc., one of the fast-growing cybersecurity consulting companies in the USA has announced its plans to expand its services in Canada.

Fueled by the growing needs and continued demand of its customers, Cyber Chasse Inc., one of the fast-growing cybersecurity consulting companies in the USA has announced its plans to expand its services in Canada. The company that has a presence in 5 countries is planning to offer its services in Canada by delivering AI and cybersecurity solutions addressing the real challenges in the country.

“We’re excited and optimistic about how our company is progressing. We will offer top-notch AI and cybersecurity solutions to our clients in Canada and strives to be part of the cybersecurity hub in Quebec. By integrating our expert consulting and training solutions, we will create 100+ employees and 3000+ skilled cybersecurity experts in 3 years. We strongly believe that our current and future partnerships with top universities in Canada will transform the cybersecurity skilling ecosystem and bridge the cybersecurity skills gap in the Greater Montreal region.” said Anilkumar Jayaprakash, Founder and CEO of Cyber Chasse Inc.

Cyber Chasse has been striving for the past 5 years to provide innovative solutions in the areas of technology consulting, global staffing, and eLearning solutions. The company has been collaborating with corporates and governments in the USA, India, Australia, and the UK to secure organizations through their expert solutions.

“We’re excited to grow our presence in Canada and continue to deploy our AI, cybersecurity, big data, and blockchain solutions to a broader audience. We are focused on widening our global operations and make them accessible to as many beneficiaries as possible using the agility of a streamlined organization.” expressed Nidhi Thakkar, Co-founder of Cyber Chasse Inc. She also said that through this expansion, the company is making a decisive move towards the development of its business worldwide.

About Cyber Chasse Inc.

With a presence in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and India, Cyber Chasse Inc’s line of business comprises IT Consulting, High Tech Skill Development, and Staffing. The company which has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas with an operating office in Tampa, Florida is specialized in Network Security Engineering, Cyber Security, Data Science, AIML, and other niche technologies.

The company, which was incepted in 2017 offers innovative technology solutions by providing up-to-date, cutting-edge, and affordable online and vendor-based solutions for everyone. Additionally, with a mission to bridge the global skills gap and offer advanced staffing services, the company has diversified into the education and staffing sectors as well.

Cyber Chasse Academy that was formed in 2020 virtually imparts futuristic technical education to potential students across the globe. Within a year, the academy has achieved projects with Government, private, state, and federal agencies in the USA, the UK, and India.


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