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Cyber Chasse Inc. Announces Expansion In London, UK

After 150% growth in revenue for the 3rd consecutive year, Cyber Chasse Inc. announces new office expansion in London, UK.

Cyber Chasse Inc., a diversified technology, consulting, and staffing services firm in the USA announced that they are expanding their business horizons by entering the UK market. Since its inception in 2018, Cyber Chasse Inc. has been a game-changer in the USA’s Cybersecurity market. Now, it wants to increase its focus on the UK market.

“We have conducted a series of meetings with the UK based firms and looking for the right partners to expand our footprint in the UK market. Our expansion in the UK marks a milestone in the growth of Cyber Chasse Incorporation,” said Anil Jayaprakash, Director of Cyber Chasse Inc.

The expansion of Cyber Chasse in the UK is led by Prabhuananth Aylakumar as Director. The shareholders include Prabhuananth Aylakumar and Praveen Kumar in the UK and Anilkumar Jayaprakash, the co-founder of Cyber Chasse Inc. Prabhu intends to manage the office in London including hiring 25 new positions in customer acquisition, business development, analytics, and more.

Anil also added, “Last year, our focus was to lay a solid foundation and build a reputation for generating results. This year, we are ready to ramp up and target the UK market with great intensity. We aim to capitalize on new opportunities in the UK.”

Prabhu with his vast experience in cutting edge technologies like – DevOps, AWS, Enterprise Java, etc., is thrilled to be part of this expansion. He brings incredibly strong knowledge and experience that will be vital for Cyber Chasse Inc. as we continue with our plans to grow as a leading IT consulting and staffing firm in the world. Prabhu will play a key role in meeting the aggressive goals of Cyber Chasse as well as building an outstanding reputation.

“I am extremely happy to lead their expansion efforts in the UK. We have a tremendous opportunity for IT consulting in the UK,” said Prabhu, Director of Cyber Chasse UK.

Over the next few months, Cyber Chasse Inc. is set to significantly grow its market within IT consulting and staffing industries with a significant investment in different markets.