Cyber Chasse- Standard For The IT Consulting

Cyber Chasse Inc. to set a standard for the IT consulting industry in the USA

Cyber Chasse Inc. helps clients build new revenue streams and deliver incredible experience by utilizing the capabilities of cloud solutions.

Cyber Chasse Inc., a leading provider of IT consulting and managed services in the USA announced that it is offering businesses of all sizes and industries to get strategic insight from highly talented expert consultants. The long-time IT consultant will operate affiliated businesses Cyber Chasse Academy and Cyber Chasse Staffing with a primary focus on the USA. The shift is a part of the changing landscape in IT consulting. 

Anil Kumar Jayaprakash, Founder and Director of Cyber Chasse Inc. said, “We have developed a friendly relationship with the Fortune 500 companies over the past couple of years. Our services will provide a perfect environment for IT professionals seeking experience in cutting edge technologies like – Splunk, ETL, AWS DevOps, Salesforce and more”.

The global demand for qualified and experienced IT professionals has outpaced the available talent. “We have noticed that there is no structured process for developing IT consulting in our local community i.e. Tampa area. We considered it an opportunity to provide the organizations in the US with effective IT consulting and staffing solutions” says Nidhi Thakkar, co-founder of Cyber Chasse Inc.

Cyber Chasse has strong expertise in market models across a wide range of industries from healthcare, engineering, banking, manufacturing, infrastructure, etc. We provide low-cost consulting, which ultimately fulfills the client requirements. The recent developments in consulting have contributed to the shift in the demand of clients for consulting services. 

In the support of economic growth, we focus on three main approaches – consulting, recruitment, workforce management, and staffing. Over a couple of years, the annual reports of Cyber Chasse showed a positive impact on the US economy. The IT consulting industry in the US has grown by 8% last year to breach the $100 billion market. Just 3 years ago, the industry was with less than $60 billion. These changes are largely due to the change in the investment structure that caused an increasing demand for IT consulting companies. 

Following the trend, IT consulting has become the largest service line in the USA, making 26% of the fee income. “Our upward trajectory and growth is no doubt a testament to the team of Cyber Chasse Inc.”, says Anil Jayaprakash.