Cyber Chasse- Launches IOT Based Farmlytics

Cyber Chasse Launches IOT Based FARMlytics System With Splunk Data Analysis

Cyber Chasse is moving the agriculture industry forward with a system based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Splunk. This system enables farmers to take advantage of sensors and data analytics to determine the moisture content of the soil.

We all know the fact that agriculture plays a vital role in the economy. To meet the ever-increasing need of food, the traditional methods must be updated with the latest technologies and tools. 

Cyber Chasse introduced FARMlytics, a soil moisture sensor that ingests data into Splunk, in India. This device allows farmers to monitor the field conditions from anywhere by analyzing the data on the Splunk dashboard. 

The manual methods of data collection can be replaced by advanced techniques of data collection using sensors. As the concept of IoT became popular, companies are applying various information communication technologies (ICT) and big data technologies to increase the efficiency of cultivation. 

Anil Kumar, Director of Cyber Chasse said – “we can apply low-cost IoT systems and cloud computing to determine the moisture content of soil and control the facilities. In addition to these, the technique to analyze the collected data can greatly improve the efficiency of cultivation”. 

It is estimated that poor water availability and increase in global temperature correlates to a 15%-20% drop in overall crop production. The solution to this problem lies in useful data analytics. This compelled the team of Cyber Chasse to build a device that reshapes the way the challenges involved in farming are addressed. 

“We are in a critical stage of agriculture, where there is a significant change in the climate condition. IoT technology can give farmers the ability to leverage data and improve their operation. This is what FARMlytics is about” says Ashish Yadav, Chief Technlogy Officer of Cyber Chasse. 

Anil added, “We have a better approach of determining soil moisture than looking at the thermometer, barometers, and hygrographs. Currently, we are working with Ridge Farmhouse Pvt. Ltd., an India-based agriculture company, to deploy the FARMlytics system on 36 acres of land for productive farming”. 

IoT has come up as a second wave in the field of agriculture and is helping farmers increase yields by making better decisions using accurate data. It has brought huge benefits like – monitoring field in real-time, efficient use of water, optimization of resources and more. With seamless end-to-end operations, produce is likely to get processed faster than before.