Cyber Chasse- Microlearning is a Powerful Tool

Microlearning is a Powerful Tool for Employee Onboarding

It’s not true that any kind of learning would make your employees engage in the training sessions as that of microlearning. Highly informative content, well-designed presentation and loads of motivation are not enough to make them focus on such educative sessions. So, let’s find out what magic microlearning does to engage everyone. 

What is Microlearning? 

It comprises of ample media in multiple gadgets to attract the learners to explore and learn more. It does not just break the course into pieces, rather it encourages the learners to apply it practically. This was created to necessitate quick training for the staff when they need it. It is believed that every employee can dedicate only 1 % of their workweek for training and hence creating a powerful learning opportunity is highly essential. 

Why is Microlearning Preferred? 

It’s understood that microlearning deals with small nuggets of information that take a maximum of a few minutes to convey the necessary information. It is also referred to as bites of information as it provides a small piece of engaging learning material. In short, it is majorly preferred as, 

  • It offers short content that lasts roughly 2 – 3 minutes. 
  • It can be accessed by all whenever they want. 
  • It is linked to a specific learning concept. 

Also, it offers two types of training such as “Just in time learning”, that trains to resolve the issues at that instant. The other type is “Spaced learning”, that instructs on regular intervals to help the employees retain information for long. 

How Microlearning Works? 

As we saw earlier, it is not about splitting a course into small modules. It is completely different from regular courses. Microlearning lets the employee’s access the information from anywhere and at any time, and it’s built based on an employee’s learning cycle. This would avoid forgetting most parts of the training post a long tiring lecture, and it would help them retain all the information. 

A few examples of a work-related learning program that are a part of microlearning are as follows, 

  • A gamified app with the information bites along with quiz and competitions to enhance employee’s habits. 
  • A short and quick video tutorial along with a quiz to give a clear understanding of a new product or a service. 
  • Small modules of on-demand courses to assist them to learn a new or advanced course. 

It depicts that the learning would be more powerful when it’s focused on a selected task or specific objective. 

Benefits of Microlearning 

All the employees from all industries need microlearning due to the varied benefits it offers such as, 

EFFICIENT: The microlearning resources use comparatively less time and improve the efficiency of knowledge transfer significantly. 

EFFECTIVE: The training is imparted effectively when the course is broken into smaller modules or nuggets. 

ENGAGING: As the time available for the working professionals to learn is very less, a small engaging content would be a powerful learning tool. 

EASY ACCESS: This medium is highly preferred as it offers anytime access and avoids physical classroom training. 

Bottom Line 

Microlearning of any type such as videos, simulations, podcasts, infographics, gamification, social media, geofencing or performance support tools can be used in any organization. The type of microlearning can be chosen based on the requirement and the target group. So, there is no doubt that it is a powerful learning tool to be incorporated for successful employee onboarding. 

I hope this post was intriguing and believe that you would share your comments and experiences with microlearning below.