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Smart Ways to Improve Your Job Search with Social Media

Recollect the last time you saw a job posting? It would have been in one of the social media platforms. Social media is not only for posting your vacation pictures and sharing the memes you like. It is a powerful tool, especially for job seekers. You can use it to research a company you want to be a part of and get in touch with potential employers. Let’s find out some of the important ways to improve your job hunting process. 

5 Ways to Ameliorate Your Job Search with Social Media    

In the current digital era, the usage of smartphones and smart gadgets have increased exponentially. Hence, accessing social media platforms is common among all age groups these days. The most commonly used platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. If you are smart enough, you can make good use of these apps to land in your dream job. 

1. Keep Yourself Presentable on Social Media 

Though you have a funky side, try to portray yourself positively and professionally possible. Regardless of your nature, it is always important to maintain a convincing depiction of you as an amiable and qualified person. Also, make sure that your profile is employer –appropriate. Avoid posting offensive or divisive articles and inappropriate or adult jokes on social media, especially on LinkedIn. 

Rather share posts that are informative, entertaining, or even TV shows and your observations from day-to-day life. The more real you are on social media the more it helps the hiring managers to know how good fit you can be for their organization. 

2. Learn About the Company You Want to Work For 

Almost all the companies have a website where you can know about what they do. However, follow their social media pages to know about the culture, their achievements, interests, etc. The blogs, tweets, and posts on these platforms give an insight into their focus area. This helps you in sharpening your skills and revamping your CV accordingly. 

You can learn a lot about the employers and the employees working in an organization. This helps in connecting with them and expressing your skills and interests. You don’t have to wonder even if you get an interview call from them as they would know you much better now. 

3. Exhibit Your Expertise and Experience 

The foremost thing you need to focus on is expressing your professional strengths. Put forth your area of expertise, skills acquired, the knowledge gained, certificates earned, and years of experience. This helps the hiring managers to decide the roles where you would best fit in. Besides, it helps them reach out to you when there is a suitable vacant position. 

Another best thing about these platforms is, you can post the pics of your pet projects, internships, volunteering roles, etc. This is not possible in a CV, hence you can use it to highlight your talent to attract employers.   

4. Upgrade Your Professional Knowledge 

Every search engine and social media handles give instant updates about anything and everything around us. So, even though you hold multiple certificates and degrees do not stop learning. Gathering information about the latest trend makes you aware of what is new in the industry. Hence, these apps are a good source to gain industry knowledge. 

Keep a track of the companies and people who post and comment related to your field. This helps in knowing their views, which in turn, helps you understand who they are. In this way, you can have an informative conversation directly with the employer. 

5. Build Your Professional Network 

Networking is the most buzzed word these days in the job market across the globe. This is due to the part it plays in connecting the job seekers with the professionals. Any professional who is working can refer a job seeker to their hiring managers. Hence, it’s good to connect with many professionals, both known and unknown. 

This not only allows you to be referred by them but rather it also lets you know more about the company. Writing a customized professional note to your unknown connections leaves a long-lasting impression about you.   

Bottom Line 

 Job hunting is not tough anymore with these online platforms. Therefore, give a new look to your CV and social media handles. Make it as attractive and creative as possible to pull the attention of the hiring managers. Also, visit Cyber Chasse Staffing Services today to get placement assistance in the US. 

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