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How Effective is Splunk Dashboard In The Time Of COVID-19?

When the entire world is fighting against the deadly novel coronavirus, the Splunk dashboard, an interactive COVID-19 platform comes for the rescue. We know that organizations are dependent on data for various business purposes. These data also assist in curbing the spread of novel coronavirus and improving treatment outcomes.

It lets the government and healthcare administrators implement initiatives to minimize the spread. Moreover, understanding the data helps people follow certain preventive measures. It stops everyone from being panicky and that is the reason behind leveraging Splunk in this situation. 

Splunk and Splunk for Good aims at helping organizations and people access the actionable data they require. This social impact arm offers a publicly available Splunk COVID-19 Dashboard which allows everyone to view the data without installing it. In short, you can use it to access every information concerning the pandemic situation.

You need a Splunk Mobile or Splunk TV app to view and access this Splunk dashboard. You can download this app from GitHub and add your data and visualizations related to the novel coronavirus. If you find it difficult, collaborate with experts at Cyber Chasse to submit such informative data and visualization. 

Splunk Dashboard for Actionable Information Regarding COVID-19 

There is a need to treat this pandemic as a data issue. This is because the primary challenge the world faces in this scenario is that we don’t access the right info collectively at the right time. Hence, Splunk has come with a great initiative to collect the data globally and let everyone access it. This has got many positive feedbacks from various research universities and hospitals. This led Splunk to double the people’s access to data through mobile availability. Regardless of being a Splunk customer, anyone can access this COVID-19 dashboard from anywhere around the globe. 

How We Help Your Organization Leverage the Benefits of Splunk? 

Big data is the most common word buzzed around in the industry due to the profuse advantages it offers. Many organizations work hard to unwrap the information hidden in the humongous data to make use of it. However, the analysis of data is not so easy due to the complexity involved in the machine-generated data. This gave birth to Splunk which helps organizations make sense of machine-generated data. Let’s look at some of the key benefits that Splunk offers before discussing how we help you. 

  • Splunk helps an organization process data of any format such as CSV, JSON, etc. 
  • It identifies and resolves issues up to 70% faster. 
  • It lets you visualize the analytical reports through graphs and reports. 
  • There is no need for a separate database as Splunk stores the data in its index. 
  • Splunk is easy to implement and scale. 
  • Constantly review your IT systems to avoid security incidents before they pop up. 
  • It allows for the configuration of alerts and event notifications. 

So these are some of the reasons for organizations to implement Splunk world-wide. However, to reap the complete benefits of Splunk, you need guidance from security experts. Hence, our cyber-security professionals at Cyber Chasse can help you successfully implement Splunk dashboards.

We also provide training to your IT team right from the deployment stage to successful implementation stage. Besides, our team responds almost instantly to keep your sensitive data safe from vulnerabilities. Our motto is to analyze the requirements of our clients and offer accurate and on-time solutions. This is to enable our client organizations to make informed decisions to reap great profits. 

Bottom Line 

There is no wonder why organizations using Splunk dashboards are successful in the industry. It helps one gather all types of data from anywhere and everywhere. This lets organizations and leaders make great decisions that impact the businesses as well as society as a whole. Contact Cyber Chasse today to integrate Splunk in your organization. 

I hope this post was useful and if you have any queries, do not hesitate to comment below. Also, for more such interesting topics, follow us on social media. 

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