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Top 5 Must Learn Technology Trends 2020

The world we are living in today is entirely different from the world we saw 10 years ago. Technology has improved a lot and is shaping the future of human beings.   As technology is not stable, one needs to accept the change to keep up the pace in the future. There are few technology trends that stay forever and one should consider them for building a future proof career. If you want to transform your career and reach great heights, you should master any of these technology trends in 2020.

Here are the 5 trending Technologies to land in a great job in 2020.

1.     Big data Analytics

Big data is one of the promising technologies that help organizations to manage a huge amount of unused data floating around. With Big Data providing an edge over the competition, the rate of implementation of the analytics tools has increased significantly. There are various commercial frameworks in Big Data. Organizations can choose an appropriate framework based on their requirements.  

Being a highly versatile technology, Big Data Analytics has become the frontier of IT as it aids in improving business by leveraging data effectively. There is an ocean of opportunities for those trained in Big Data. According to experts – Big Data Analytics is adding a lot of value to organizations and a career in Big Data is the best decision to secure professional life. 

2.     Cybersecurity

With numerous cyber-attacks, malware threats and data breaches flooding the headlines of technology news, there is a need for cybersecurity experts. Cybersecurity is one of the hottest technologies of the decade. Small, medium and large companies across the globe are ready to invest millions of dollars on IT security to safeguard their digital assets from potential cyber-attacks. 

Organizations are seeking new cybersecurity talent to help them combat the increasing cyber-threat to their business. No doubt, it is a lucrative field that needs more people. Developing a skill set in Splunk, ETL, Hadoop, etc. is the best way to boost your career. 

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3.     Cloud computing

Cloud computing is another key technology to master in 2020 with a huge demand for qualified professionals. It unlocks new dimensions in the field of software design and development. Large companies are in the race to get optimum benefits from cloud computing. As the cloud technologies range from AI to server-less, there are new possibilities to build a successful path in cloud computing. 

Cloud-based jobs are evolving at a faster rate than other positions and present an opportunity to make more money. Companies are moving to cloud computing and leaving the traditional approaches behind to stay ahead of their competitors.  Jobs in this field range from architects to data scientists to developers and more. So, start your career in cloud computing today!

4.     Machine learning 

The data science field has grown exponentially in recent years.  Professionals and business owners are adopting the same to achieve success at different levels.  There are many ways in which machine learning can benefit organizations.  It enables them to experiment with neural networks and derive beneficial data. 

We all know that generating output through smart machines is an error-free approach, guaranteeing 100% accurate results.  Machine learning is deployed in almost all the verticals and completing countless tasks, generating more scope for jobs. 

5.     Internet of Things (IoT)

If you are one of those looking for an exciting career in IT, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the best technology to learn. It offers great opportunities for professionals and businesses around the world. Companies are anxious to tap the right talent of IoT developers with the required skill set. 

IoT is all about data and paves a way for a secured job profile. With innovative products and services, it is an interesting industry to work in. Tons of companies are awaiting breakthrough innovations and having a solid skillset in IoT can change the game. 

Bottom Line

Although several technologies are emerging every year, these five technology trends 2020 offer a promising career for a potential future. All these domains are facing a shortage of skilled professionals. It is the right time for you to choose appropriate technology and get trained at the early stages for a future-proofed career.  

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