Cyber Chasse- Python

What is Python and why should you learn it?


What is Python?

It is essentially an object oriented, high level programming language with dynamic semantics primarily used for website and application development. It possess high level built in data structures, dynamic typing and dynamic binding, making it very attractive for Rapid Application Development.

Benefits of using it

It is simple and easy to learn because of its unique syntax which enhances readability. Python’s readability makes it easier for developers to translate this code more easily than other languages, reducing program maintenance and development costs since language and experience barriers improve collaboration.

It also enables modular style program designing and reusable coding for a variety of projects. This makes it easier to scale models and packages for use in other projects.

It also lowers development costs through its free standard library and interpreter services available in both binary and source form, and can be easily distributed.

Increased productivity is Python’s key selling point. It has an efficient edit-test-debug cycle that simplifies the debugging process.  

Who uses Python?

It is used by novice coders, web and mobile application developers, software engineers, data scientists and anyone who uses computer programming.

Does Python create job opportunities?

Yes it does. As of June 2019, Indeed listed 69,000 Python related job openings and there are job openings in every sector and multiple departments including quality assurance, software development, machine learning etc.

Does it pay well?

Definitely. The return of investment on Python learning is brilliant. Salaries can range from about $52,000 to $141,000 a year for Python developers and engineers. This range is based on the function involved with machine learning engineers cashing out the highest salaries.

Is Python only attractive for large companies?

This misconception could not be further from the truth. Startups enjoy the cost and time efficiency of the programming language. The ease of use means development timelines are shorter, quality assurance is streamlined, debugging is smoother and the return on investment is greater. Therefore, expertise in Python can make you an attractive hire for these high potential startups.

What if you need support?

Look no further; The Python software foundation provides a specific community page, linking to various community groups and forums where you can seek advice and support from other Python users and experts.

Is Python a popular programming language? Does it matter?

The Economist, in 2018, declared Python was on the way to becoming the most popular coding language. Why is this important? The answer lies in the concept of network externality: The more users there are for a programming language, the more effective it is as a programming language. If there are no users, the language is dead. Luckily for Python, it is on its way to the top.

Does it have multiple uses?

We are glad you ask. Python is versatile and can be used to accomplish a range of tasks from creating basic programs to developing full-fledged websites. Big companies such as Google, Facebook and Instagram recognize this versatility.  

Does Python only deal with front end development?

Not at all. It enables the harmonization of front and back end web and application development so that you can boast an all-inclusive full stack developer skill set and add it to your prized resume.

Why use Python?

Apart from the all the benefits described above, Python automates repetitive and time consuming tech-related activities. It uses system scripts to create simple programs that automate otherwise monotonous tasks. It is an in demand language for growing data science fields such as Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

Final Note

Python is a powerful programming language used by popular platforms including Google’s search engine. YouTube and even the New York Stock Exchange, reflecting the merit in this tool. Stay tuned because Cyber Chasse is introducing it to its list of trainings very soon for you to reap it benefits.