Cyber Chasse- Salesforce

What is Salesforce and why are so many companies using it?


Demand for Salesforce

What has over 150,000 customers, 2,700 applications, 3 million installations and is the most attractive skill to boast on a resume? Salesforce is your answer. Salesforce has a market share of 19.7% and companies are migrating towards the platform at an alarming pace. There is a high demand for Salesforce developers and administrators, particularly Salesforce architects, which boasts the highest average salary. We will now dive deeper into the actual platform. 


What is Salesforce? 

This is a software as a service (SaaS) solutions and cloud computing solution provider. It focuses on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and utilizes cloud solutions to help businesses interact with clients, partner and other stakeholders in a meaningful way. It helps businesses map customer activity and reach them effectively.  


Products and Services 


Sales force Sales Cloud: 

This platform allows easy management of a firm’s market facing functions including sales, marketing and customer support. It is easily customized to meet both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) needs. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud  

This platform is a powerful digital marketing platform aimed at helping manage the customer journey, touchpoints, communication, content creation and management, website changes and data analytics.  

Salesforce Service Cloud 

This service is the answer to a firm’s customer service and support team concerns. It helps customer service employees resolve concerns using features such as conversation tracking and social networking plug in. It also makes it easier for customers to answer questions instead on consulting with agents, saving time and company resources.  

Salesforce Community Cloud 

This service allows firms to enable communication and connection between employees, partner and customers. It allows the exchange of data, images and videos in real time.  

Salesforce Commerce Cloud  

This cloud equips companies with the ability to provide seamless customer service regardless of a customer’s physical location. It ensures the integration of data from all customer touchpoints to provide customers a wholesome experience. 

Salesforce Analytics Cloud 

This service is essentially a business intelligence platform companies can leverage to simplify insights from heavy databases using visuals such as infographics, charts and other visual tools. This cloud is suited for both desktop and mobile access and data visualization and can be used in tandem with other Salesforce services.  

Salesforce App Cloud 

This cloud enables the development of custom applications through the accessibility to a library of development tools such as:  

  • This tool enables admins and developers to develop websites and applications in the Salesforce platform.  
  • This tool is a virtual marketplace for third party application on the Salesforce platform.  
  • Heroku: This platform provides a host of languages and tools to developers, providing flexibility in creating customized applications.  
  • Salesforce Thunder: This tool enables simplification of big data to analyze events and interactions and take relevant actions.  
  • Salesforce Sandbox: This tool allows developers to simulate idea execution in a test environment without any repercussions.  

IoT cloud: 

This cloud allows firms to store and process Internet of Things (IoT) data. It utilizes big data across various data touchpoints, including different devices, sensors, websites, websites, applications, customers and stakeholders. It helps a streamline the customer journey for real time responses.  

Health Cloud 

This cloud enables the management of doctor-patient relationship and patient records overtime ina Health IT company. This tool provides a bird’s eye view of patient data to provide a satisfactory one-to-one relationship for every patient in this sensitive industry. 


Other services 


This is a collaboration platform that encourages communication between employees. It boost morale productivity through information sharing between departments and sometimes complementary firms.  

Salesforce 1: This platform enables application development and information exchange through the use of Application Programming Interface (APIs). 


Final Note: 

Salesforce has a myriad of services under its umbrella. The only takeaway for this content piece is that it is a service that adds value and efficiency in every aspect of the customer journey, saving time and cost for you. Expertise in this platform is a skill you should not pass up at any cost. Cheers!