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Do You Know Why Artificial Intelligence is Critical in 2020 And Beyond?

Artificial Intelligence rewards organizations in outcome-driven ways as it brought numerous achievements across the globe within the past few years. AI has certainly given rise to the situation of classifying between a human and a digital worker with its cutting-edge technology such as chatbots, robots, AI-led cybersecurity, intelligent emotion detection, etc.  

Apparently, it revolutionizes every sector it touches. Now, there is a huge demand for digitization of organizations to meet the growing competition. This technology trend is expected to grow faster and deeper in promising ways in 2020 and the upcoming years. What can we look forward to? 

Artificial Intelligence Enables Human-Driven Future 

As per today’s scenario, the adoption of Artificial Intelligence is no big deal as most organizations have already incorporated it or in the process of implementing it. This is also evident in Forrester’s research. 2019 witnessed a huge switch over to niche technology adoption leading to a high percentage of business value gain. There are off course certain challenges in the real-time implementation of AI, which need to be tackled effectively to assure a successful integration.  

Undoubtedly, 2020 will pose questions on how to get maximum ROI from AI, how to get started, and so on. It’s indeed the right time for businesses to be aware of hiring the right person to handle their AI program to reap high profits. The human interaction would significantly increase, thereby allowing employees to work alongside Siri, Alexa, and similar intelligent assistants. Well, you can start thinking of a nice name for your smart digital worker.  

The technology expansion will lead to the deployment of AI devices in uncontrolled public places due to social acceptance. Artificial intelligence will become an integral part of the day to day life, and interaction with AI will become more usual. A huge revolution may occur in customer service as all the information would be available within a flash of a second, leading to a superior user experience. Besides, cybersecurity will also see a complete changeover. In fact, AI can be the solution for all the cyber threats your organization faces. 

Elephantine Amounts of Data and Artificial Intelligence 

Long ago, the data was considered waste by businesses, and they were wrestling to get rid of it. Little did they knew how those ‘data exhausts’ can capsize their business processes. It is indeed true that artificial intelligence and data go hand-in-hand as the processing of large volumes of data demands super-efficient technology such as AI. Currently, organizations big and small spend a fortune on devices and methods to gather and store the data to get valuable insights from it.  

Besides, data improves customer experience and enables advanced analytics. It lets businesses derive great value from AI and machine learning. So how does this happen? With the structured and unstructured data derived through various resources, business leaders will gain Digital IQ, which gives visibility into their business processes. By 2020, more companies will start realizing the immeasurable advantages they would gain from digitization. Every organization that integrated AI into its processes would enjoy cost reduction, enhanced customer experience, and competitive advantage. 

Bottom Line 

Business automation is not a trend anymore and it is the current need of the hour. Artificial intelligence automates and simplifies arduous and laborious tasks effectively thereby, allowing organizations to focus on critical processes. Hence, digitization powered by AI is indispensable for businesses to survive longer in the industry. Scared of change? Do not worry! We at Cyber Chasse provide uninterrupted services for your business without affecting your operations to let you harness the maximum benefits.  

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