Cyber Chasse-Amazon Web Services

What is Amazon Web services (AWS) and How does it work?


What is AWS? 

Amazon Web Services (AWS), popularly known as cloud computing, is a service which allows the linkage of large numbers of remote servers to enable centralized data storage and digital access to computer services or storage. AWS has a pay as you go model, making it easier to be cost efficient and utilize resources. This low-cost, reliable and scalable platform empowers a myriad of business in about 190 countries. 


How does it work?

Cloud computing allows firms to use shared computing and storage resources, which saves firms money and time in building and improving their own infrastructure system. Cloud computing’s easy accessibility means that resources can be deployed on demand with intensive network security and can easily be scaled up or down. 


What is it used for? 

Cloud computing has a range of uses for businesses and individuals ranging from: 

  • Using the cloud to run web and application servers to host dynamic websites. 
  • Allowing easy accessibility to files stored on the cloud while mitigating the risk of losing data. 
  • Utilizing managed databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle or SQL Server to save data. 
  • Using a Content Delivery Network to provide both static and dynamic files on demand to anywhere in the world. 
  • Sending mass emails to an organization’s clients.


Types of Cloud

There are three main forms of cloud − Public, Private, and Hybrid cloud. 

Public Cloud connects customers with resources from third party service providers via internet. The security of customer’s data is the responsibility of the third party. 

A private cloud entails similar features except the resources are specifically deployed and managed for a particular firm and security is a foremost priority. 

A hybrid cloud, as the name suggests, has features from both private and public cloud. The choice of cloud depends on the usage, confidentiality of data, and regulations. 


Advantages of Cloud Computing 

Cloud Computing has a wide range of advantages for companies: 

  1. Cost-Efficiency: The pay as you go model, we discussed earlier means that companies only pay for the resources cloud computing resources that they use. This means optimal utilization and cost efficiency for firms. 
  2. Reliability −Amazon’s cloud computing provides the unmatched expertise an in-house IT infrastructure can never parallel. It provides consistent service 24/7 and provides a backup in the form of alternative servers that can managed hosted applications and services in the case of failure of primary servers. 
  3. Unlimited Storage − AWS has an unlimited storage capacity, which means there is no limit on capacity building for our information storage needs. 
  4. Easy to manage and recover data− It is much more efficient and efficient when data is stored on the cloud as opposed to a physical device. Advanced technology and expertise make it possible to store and recover data easily. 
  5. Accessibility− Cloud services enable you to access your account virtually from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection.  

Cyber Chasse partners with Amazon web services to provide you with a dedicated Cloud Service Delivery Manager. We will operate the AWS infrastructure on your behalf and give you the freedom to focus on other important business initiatives.