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COVID-19 Vaccine Development: Know How Machine Learning Can Assist 

Several deadly viral outbreaks have happened in every part of the world, making all the nations race for a vaccine development every time. Similarly, COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus demands numerous research teams to find a vaccine to fight against this lethal virus. Wonder how machine learning contributes? Keep reading. 

Benefits of Machine Learning in COVID-19 Vaccine Development 

Advanced technology is the greatest strength that researchers have in this digital era as it gathers data from all resources and offers useful insights. It’s not just the biological researchers who work for vaccine development. A large number of data analysts and machine learning engineers work for this noble cause. With the machine learning techniques, we can obtain information such as: 

  • Risk group identification 
  • Patients screening 
  • Vaccine development 
  • Existing drug identification for temporary help 
  • A better understanding of the virus 
  • Virus mapping and spread detection 

Besides, it can also assist in the pandemic prediction that is likely to occur in the future. Too many questions pop up right? Let’s find out how machine learning does these. 

Risk Group Identification 

All media shows various information including the number of males and females affected due to the coronavirus, the age group affected, etc. Have you ever wondered how they get these data? Yes, you guessed it right. This is where machine learning plays a significant role. It collects data from a multitude of resources, processes, and gives clear data individually. 

We can infer several useful information such as the age group at high risk, severity of symptoms, and group that would require hospitalization. Also, it helps in identifying the group that may not respond well for the temporary medications and is likely to die. These data play a key role in the vaccine development process. 

Patients Screening 

When COVID-19 happens to be the talk of the town in every corner of the world, the fear of getting infected increases among people. This results in flooding of individuals in the labs, and hospitals even when they have a mild symptom. Large scale testing is highly expensive and time-consuming. Checking every single person to detect the virus would be a herculean task. 

Machine learning techniques comes for rescue at this point with its extra-ordinary face scans, wearable technology, ML-powered chatbots, and many more. A hospital in Florida successfully managed to make use of a face scan technique to detect body temperature. These technologies are robust, affordable, and offers extra protection to physicians by limiting contact with patients. 

Role of Machine Learning in Vaccine Development 

Identifying a drug for a pandemic involves several trial and error, which is highly time-consuming. But, machine learning can render extremely fast yet accurate scores that can speed up the vaccine development process. Researchers have proved that Bayesian ML models and ML-powered virtual screening have greatly helped in the scoring process during Ebola and H7N9 virus outbreak. 

During this drug delivery process, machine learning also assists in choosing an alternate drug that can slow down the spreading or reduce the death rate. It helps us repurpose the existing drugs by constructing knowledge graphs and identifying interactions between viral proteins and drugs. This is how medical experts began using hydroxychloroquine to treat patients infected with COVID-19. 

Bottom Line 

Machine learning performs an incredulous job in understanding the virus better. It maps where the virus started and the pattern in which it spreads. ML is a powerful as well as an intelligent tool that helps researchers fight against the current pandemic. Making good use of it in the current situation can save many lives. Further development can also restrain future viral outbreaks. If you are looking for quick machine learning integration in the US, contact Cyber Chasse immediately. We give high priority to healthcare organizations at this current hour. 

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