Cyber Chasse- Multi-Layered Security

How a multi-layered security strategy can protect your business?

Cyberattack is one of the biggest threats faced by organizations of all sizes. As a result of which, the IT security teams must safeguard the IT infrastructure from successful data breaches. There is no single solution that guarantees effective security across distributed networks. Hence, organizations must follow a multi-layered security strategy to defend against today’s Cybercrimes.  

When it comes to IT security,  the security team has a lot to cover. The standalone security strategies are not sufficient in the long run,  as the companies have to focus on many other aspects.  There are several strategies and techniques that cybercriminals rely on.  Due to the increasing number of cybercrimes every year,  the IT teams have to constantly update the security systems based on current cyber trends. 

What is a multi-layered approach strategy?

Multi-layered security refers to the system that uses numerous components to shield the IT infrastructure.  It is a defense mechanism that mitigates, delays or prevents threats. It is important for the IT  security department to analyze different aspects of IT security to keep cyber threats at the bay.  The cybercriminals often target the end-users and entry points.  So, the best security approach would be to cover each layer so that the confidential information remains safe.  In the case of system breakdown, there is always a backup plan. 

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How does multi-layered security works?

The multiple layers of network security ensure that the defense component protects the data in the event of any failure or a loophole in the system. In a multi-layered security strategy, every single layer in the multi-level security approach focuses on key areas of security that provide a better chance to prevent cybercrimes.  The individual layers in the multi-layered security strategy focus on areas that are vulnerable to cyberattacks.  The common types of security layers include –

  •  web protection
  •  antivirus software
  •  email security
  •  patch management
  •  Firewalls
  •  digital certificates
  •  privacy controls

It means organizations should use more than one program to protect their IT network and keep it fully defended.  A multi-layered security approach should be made an important element of the overall IT security strategy that can protect your business in a better way. 

However, the biggest challenge with a multi-layered security strategy is to deploy it using the right tools.  The multi-layered security solutions from Cyberchasse make it easy to virtually monitor your network,  server, and applications. We deliver the most comprehensive IT security solution to give you the best detective and proactive security.

We deliver a 100% cloud-based IT Service management platform backed by collective intelligence and the highest level of security.