Cyber Chasse- Security Analyst Prerequisites

How to Become a Security Analyst? Prerequisites, Salary, etc.

An increasing number of sophisticated cyber-attacks in every part of the world in the current digital era has given rise to the need for security analysts. This indicates that every organization is looking for various effective ways to secure their sensitive data and its business as a whole. Thus the security analysts help organizations eliminate risk by continuously monitoring the IT infrastructure. This is to recognize potential security threats and vulnerabilities in advance. 

Curious to know how to become a security analyst? Well, here is detailed information about the prerequisites, salary, and all other relevant info. 

Who is a Security Analyst? 

A security analyst possesses extensive knowledge of information technology and computer systems. Hence, a bachelor’s degree in computer science or Information technology stands as a starting point. This shows that they have a sound understanding of how to protect, prevent, and recover from data breaches. Their main duty is to supervise the IT infrastructure to identify security violations and investigate data breach or loss. 

On a mid-level, they carry out penetration testing to mitigate network security incidents by employing the latest technologies. They use security tools and software such as firewalls and encryption programs to secure data integrity. This depicts that protecting the data from any type of vulnerabilities is the chief concern of every security analyst.   

Information security analysts also contribute to building strong security policies and standards for an organization. In addition, they coordinate with employees of all levels to find out a solid solution to secure the data effectively. Besides, they also train the employees to use security products and applications. All types of organizations need a knowledgeable security analyst to protect their data and business. 

How to Become a Security Analyst? 

The primary step is to get a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or any such discipline. Besides, courses in cybersecurity, penetration testing, and computer forensics offers skills to work as a security analyst. 

Apart from that, individuals with 1-2 years of experience are also eligible to apply for a security analyst role. The entry-level positions comprise of computer programmers, system analysts, and software developers. Dealing with an organization’s systems and policies give insights into finding a way to handle potential threats. 

Whereas working with data transmission processes, various tools, and detection of threats assists in reacting quickly against the threats. Extra certifications in cybersecurity, penetration testing, ethical hacking, and vulnerability management further sharpen your skills. This, in turn, increases your chance of becoming a security analyst.  So, pursue an effective online course at Cyber Chasse Learning Academy, the best place to learn cutting-edge technology courses.

Skills Needed  

Some of the major requirements to become a security analyst are as follows. 

  • Relevant experience in the cybersecurity or IT field, continuous learning, and industry certifications provide knowledge of risk management, cybersecurity, and IT infrastructure. 
  • Good knowledge of computer software and hardware helps them integrate with the understanding of data integrity. 
  • Security analysts need research and auditing skills to choose the best security solution or tool to protect an organization from various types of threats. 
  • It is a plus to have project management skills as the analysts may lead teams of IT security professionals, who are expected to have good communication and interpersonal skills. 
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, HTTP, web development and application security is a huge advantage. 
  • Creativity to some extent is required as they need to come out with creative ways to apply innovative methods to prevent threats and breaches. 

Average Salary in the US

The salary of a security analyst doesn’t make a huge difference based on the educational qualification. However, it varies based on one’s experience level. On average a security analyst earns around $70,000 annually as an entry-level candidate. With a few years of solid experience in the field, one makes up to $100,000 annually. 

Bottom Line 

Cybersecurity is expected to skyrocket in the coming years due to the rise of many intelligent hackers. Every organization is going to look for a skilled security analyst to identify and overcome the security threats. Hence a huge demand is foreseen for the budding security analysts. Therefore, if you want to kick start your career as a security analyst, then Cyber Chasse Staffing Services would be the right place for you to get career guidance and quick placement in one of the fortune 500 companies in the US.