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How to become a security analyst?

How to Become a Security Analyst? Prerequisites, Salary, etc.

An increasing number of sophisticated cyber-attacks in every part of the world in the current digital era has given rise to the need for security analysts. This indicates that every organization is looking for various effective ways to secure their sensitive data and its business as a whole. Thus the security analysts help organizations eliminate risk by […]

Top 5 cybersecurity certifications that will get you hired

Top 5 Cybersecurity Certifications That Will Get You Hired

While candidates with any cybersecurity certification would get a remarkable salary hike, there are top 5 cybersecurity certifications that would pay you the best in the industry.  It depicts that the IT security market will grow significantly in the coming years. With the IoT products leading the industry, the spending on cybersecurity solutions is expected to increase globally.  It is expected that there will be […]

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